Friday, February 01, 2008


The Clapotis, started back here, is finished...
...and I love it. I used Knit Picks 'Gossamer' laceweight, 100% merino wool, color Blue Jeans; double stranded.
It can be scarf or shawl and has been keeping me cozy warm when I've ventured out on some of the frigid days we have had recently. Sometimes I use it like a shawl in the morning before the woodstove has warmed up the house.
And, also finished, a beret to match...
...using Knit Picks 'Wool of the Andes' in Arctic Pool Heather. I knit it on two needles (rather than circular) using a combination of two patterns ~ a larger version of the child's beret from Debbie Bliss' Family Knits and this Woman's Day Magazine Parisian beret.
And, I have just enough yarn left for some fingerless gloves.
After a wind storm yesterday, it is now snowing out like crazy; a perfect weekend for projects!
Happy Weekend!!


  1. Oh, how lovely. Say, do you have any great crochet patterns for a newbie? I am doing simple dish cloths and have a few patterns, but maybe there something else simple you could suggest. You always inspire me with your creations!

    Have a warm, cozy day,

  2. Beautiful! Wish I could knit.

  3. Both pieces are beautiful! You did a GREAT job with them!

  4. Lovely lovely scarf/shawl. Blue is my favorite color and that yarn color is yummy. Enjoy the warmth. I'm going to try my hand at socks and a pair of fingerless gloves this month. That's my goal and I hope to stick to it, LOL.

    Enjoy the snow and have a wonderful cozy and creative weekend.

    Hugs - Karen

  5. I love the beret with the scarf and the blue is ever such a pretty color.

  6. Anonymous5:59 PM

    I really wish I could make sense of English knitting patterns... it looks lovely will have to google for some German ones...

  7. Oh you'll have the complete set when you make the gloves. I love the shawl so much. We have the same problem of trying to get warm, while we are waiting for the woodburning stove to get going ~ Julia x

  8. Love both the scarf and that darling beret, they are lovely. I especially like the yarn you used for the scarf/shawl. Enjoy the weekend, stay warm and cozy. Linda

  9. christiane5:33 AM

    Lovely knits !

  10. I love the scarf! The color is gorgeous and it looks so warm & cozy!

  11. That is a beautiful set. And a great idea to have a scarf that can become a warmer wrap. I might just try that. For next year. I'll never get it done during this current cold spell! ~Adrienne~

  12. I like very much the beret you knitted, what a pretty name the wool has too, 'Arctic Pool Heather'
    I wish I could knit sleeveless gloves but have no idea how to use three needles...
    Have a nice cozy week end!

  13. Lovely hat and scarf,I love knitting just wish I had more time to do it !!We have had a light snowfall,last night it started like huge cotton wool balls but alas did not last more than an hour.But thanks to a sharp frost all night it looked white this morning.Most of it has melted now except in sheltered areas behind hedges.

  14. This is a gorgeous set Deb. Love the colour.

  15. I have the happy honor to inform you that you have officially made my day! I hereby bequeath to you and your blog the "You Make My Day" Award! Come by and check it out!
    I have enjoyed your blog, keep it up! :)

  16. Your scarf/shawl is just beautiful! I love the color. The hat is really cute, too.

  17. Aw Deb, stop hiding behind that camera. Let us see your pretty face. Please.

  18. Both are really lovely! I like that you can use the scarf as shawl. You always make me wish I could knit!


  19. Oh son pretty, I LOVE the color. I can just picture you out in the snow !!! Clarice

  20. I love the scarf and want to make one badly but I am afraid of the pattern?!

    Is it an advanced pattern or do you think an intermediate knitter could do it happily?

    Also, when you pictured it draped over the couch it looks very large. Is that just the way it photographed or is it really large? It looks really cute on you!

    Thank you for sharing this!

    the shady spot


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