Monday, June 16, 2008

June is good...

Despite all the outside work to be done ~ planting, mowing, and seemingly endless weeding...

...I don't think it gets much better than this ~ like fresh strawberries from our patch. Both the raised bed and the landscaping fabric & straw have worked so well, I have had to do virtually no weeding of this part of the garden.

Our flowering bushes have never had so many blooms...

...lots of perennials are in bloom,

...the roses smell great,

...and there's even been a little time squeezed in to relax by the pool.

I could stay 'here' in the middle of June for a long time!

I think I'll go make some shortcake and dig out my favorite strawberry pie recipe.


  1. Wow - great pictures! I recognize those snow peas there - mmmmmm - I wonder if it is too late to plant those around here? I LOVE those! And are those one flowers lupines? I have tried and tried to grow those - but they never seem to make it! And your pool looks very inviting also! Have a great day!

    Hugs from Michigan! - Diane

  2. Vicki K1:02 PM

    I have been reading your blog for awhile now - and really like your homelife projects and thoughts and decorating. In fact, I looked up the book at the library that had the bird pattern that used to be in the corner photo of your blog. Only I reduced the size and filled it with lavender. It is one of my favorite things. Thank you!

    Your strawberries look wonderful - and to have enough for a whole pie?!?? Ahhhhh...

    I need to go back to see what you said about the straw for discouraging weeds. When do you put it on?

  3. Your strawberries look so good. How nice to be able to eat what you have grown yourself.
    Enjoy the rest of June.

  4. I'll be right over!
    So how many strawberries do you plant for a good pie and eating yield?
    I started everything small this year ( because I didn't know what I was doing!) and I wanted to try everything. Yep, give a city girl a little wide open space and she goes (cautiously) crazy.

  5. Anonymous2:11 PM

    Wow! what a great size your strawberries are, mine are only thumbnail size at present and certainly not red yet. You must get quite a lot of sun at a constant temp, we just seem to get rain.

  6. Well if I lived at your house, I could stay in June too. xoxoxo Clarice

  7. Lovin' those strawberries. Nothing quite like strawberries warm from the sun...yum! And thanks for showing the Lupines; I have some space in my newly organized garden and I think they might be just the thing.


  8. Oh don't you just love strawberries!! I made me some strawberry rhubarb pie today, YUM! The love the pics of the flowers

  9. Yum, I love your strawberries. Ours are just starting. Guess it was because it was so cold here and it took them a bit longer.

  10. Fresh strawberries, YUM! Great photos!

  11. Oh I love your white lupines we have pink,purple and yellow no white I will have to look for some.

  12. Those strawberries look so red and tasty! I really like that little yellow bowl too.

  13. Every picture is delightful Deb! Your strawberries look luscious:-)
    How are the new ladies doing, getting big and scratching yet?

  14. There is nothing quite like fresh picked strawberries from the patch! My daughter and I made a strawberry tart yesterday that is delish. Recipe is on my blog if you are interested.

  15. Hi Deb, What a wonderfully charming look at Summertime!...And I can just taste both your strawberry pie & shortcake! So enjoy your blog!....Heidi :)

  16. Everything looks green and colorful and those strawberries look yummy - my favorite summer fruit - served anyway and everyway I can think of. I have that same little yellow cup that you show in your strawberry picture. Wish I could find more of those. BTW - LOVE my dishcloths - there perfect and love the way your packaged them - way CUTE.

    Hugs - Karen

  17. I love your blog (& the more frequent you blog the better-hint,hint)& have read it for some time.You give moments of pure enjoyment & inspiration through what you share-Thank-you!!

  18. What an awesome garden... My strawberry patch has a ton of weeds. I need to take your advice on the raised bed with straw.


  19. Yum - your garden looks wonderful - are you going to build something for the peas to grow on? I wish we had a pool too... we go to the town pool and it's nice, but sometimes a little crowded!

  20. What fun!! Looks like a lovely place to spend June to me!

  21. Gorgeous strawberries and beautiful June surroundings. I'd love to sit by that pool with you too.

    Happy June!


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