Friday, December 04, 2009

Advent - gift making - snow

A short burst of snow flurries today...
It didn't last long, but was just enough to get me thinking more seriously about Christmas.
I have lots of plans for gift making,
as well as for a patchwork table runner and a banner for me.
The Christmas table runner has been in the works for two years ~
could this be the year it actually gets made?...
One can hope :)

I did get my Advent candle arrangement done today, a little late as Advent always seems to sneak up on me. I did it a little different this year and will be back soon with a picture.

Are you making any gifts this year? Any ideas to share?


  1. Oh, boy! Your snow flurries are much prettier than our snow had to look real hard to see ours..pretty unusual around here. Yours looks like postcard snow flurries!

  2. Anonymous10:16 PM

    I'm also doing handmade gifts this year. It just seems so much more satisfying that is until you start to over do it and overwhelm yourself. Luckily we have 20 more days!

  3. What sort of handmade gifts are y'all doing! I am interested :) Hope everyone is having a happy holidays!

  4. Although the pony pic is very lovely, I do feel sorry for the poor pony! We didn't have any snow around here, just the flooding of the High Street.
    I am making one gift this year. My niece is completely besotted with The Lion King and lions in general. I found a draft excluder panel on ebay with cubs on, so I will be making this up for her when it arrives. xx

  5. What a great picture. Sure gets me in the Christmas spirit!

  6. I've made three gifts so far this year. Unfortunately was so excited about one that I forgot to take pictures. I crocheted a bracelet and knitted a dog scarf. They were my last two posts. Now, I just need to finish decorating.

  7. I made the majority this year, out of choice. Our home is much more settled since the wedding and I once again have time to indulge myself in crafting.
    Handmade dishcloths and dishtowels for friends and neighbors, button monograms for those who are most dear, and new dresses for my grandaughters.
    Seriously, does it get any better?

  8. Anonymous6:09 AM

    I'm doing a fair few homemade gifts this year. Aprons for the mothers with family recipes printed onto ink jet fabric and sewn on. Cafetiere and teapot cosies. Long fingerless mittens. Lap quilts. Knitted squares blankets (done on a machine so not too taxing to whip up!) Plus a few stitcheries with unusual or unexpected quotes on them.

  9. We got about as much as you but I hear there is more to come!

    Happy Holidays!

  10. Wow, snow, so pretty. We just don't have weather here in so. cal. We are supposed to get some rain this week and I'm so ready! I would love to have a fire and put on wooly sox.
    Yes, I too am in the middle of making gifts. Berroco's website has some cute Minutia patterns to make mini knitted sweater ornaments. They are really fun and an easy, quick project. I've posted some pics on my site.

  11. We are finally getting snow here as well. We have a nice white blanket on the ground.

    God bless.

  12. What beautiful pictures. I really enjoy reading your blog. For Christmas knitting I was thinking about knitting wine bottle covers and giving those as gifts with wine in them of course

  13. I want snow flurries, be a nice change to the hot weather we've been getting.

    I make gingerbread houses as gifts, this year I am making 12. Also will be machine embroidering towels.

  14. What a beautiful picture of your horse! Yes, I'm doing a home-made Christmas on a larger scale than usual this year as my husband has been out of work for five months and we have seven kids. If you visit my blog and click on Home-made Christmas there will be posts with links to patterns. Most I got free, online.

  15. I've made a few so far. Just started making cold process soap & find it addicting! A few soap scribbies and some canned goodies, but now 'm searching for some ideas myself.
    Love your pictures! How pretty!

  16. I love the pic of the pony in the snow although I'm glad it didn't last too long for the poor creature. It looks almost like a drawing.
    I've been making table runners for gifts this year as well as knitted mittens. I'd love to see a photo if you get yours finished - no pressure lol.

  17. I love your site. Motivates me to make more things.
    This year I want to cover my footstool.
    Make new covers for my living room pillows.
    Paint my kitchen.
    Sew new clothes for me.
    Try new diabetic recipes.


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