Wednesday, February 28, 2018

waiting for Springtime

It's a warm, blustery, 60 degrees F, on this last day of February. On our walk I noticed a dandelion in bloom and, in my garden, the tulips are starting to push up out of the soil.  The bud's are swelling on the lilac bushes, and we heard the very first Canadian geese fly overhead last week.  There is also a winter storm watch for this weekend!

Life is returning to normal after our recent trip to visit family in Florida.  The sunshine and 80 degree temps revived our winter-weary spirits.  We boated, walked and had a picnic lunch on Peanut Island, did some sightseeing, and walked along the ocean sand.  Home again, I have been sewing some new bags for the shop and am determined to get going on my Spring cleaning.  I also have plenty of trim and door painting left to do as it slowly gets installed. 

I hope that you all are enjoying the promise of Spring (or already in the midst of Springtime)  and that everything is well with you.  If you would like to leave a comment I would love to hear how you have been and what you may be working on of late!


Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Pantry in Progress

Since we have no Christmas tree up yet and minimal decorations,
I thought I would show you what progress we have been making on the house...

The week before Thanksgiving we started working on the shelves for the pantry, which was a bit crazy as we were also hosting Thanksgiving dinner.  

We are adding a beadboard backsplash, shaker pegs, and shelves--He is the carpenter and I am the painter.  We are slowly getting there and have yet to add the very upper shelf, and the beadboard to the end walls.

The beadboard was leftover from the porch ceilings, and the Ikea brackets and wood pegs were leftover from previous house projects.

Since we don't have a separate dining room in this house, the extra storage space in this pantry allows the eat-in kitchen to be more open and uncluttered than it would have been otherwise.

I am really appreciating the extra space it gives me for baking.

 And speaking of baking, there is a tray of shortbread cookies ready to go in the oven...

Till next time,


Tuesday, May 02, 2017

2 May 2017

Looking back on April, it is a bit of a much happening both inside and outdoors. The month started with a snowstorm, but as it progressed, we had some very nice sunny days here and there.  
Inside, I painted lots of trim and closet doors which Mike installed.  Then the weather got nice, meaning that there are pieces of baseboard sitting in the laundry room still waiting to be nailed into place.  We changed gears and headed outside--me to the gardens & planting and he to start work on a fence for the back yard.  
In the raised beds I planted radish, collard, and kale far the radishes are coming up.  For cutting, I planted some glads and dahlias also.  In the flower beds, I planted peony bushes, hostas, lilies, lily of the valley, a clematis vine, as well as an Angel Face floribunda rose bush and a bridal wreath spirea.  This past weekend I went to a 49 cent perennial sale and picked up coral bells, delphinium, coneflower, saxifraga, rock cress, english lavender, and carpathian bellflower.  The plants were a very generous size for the price and I had to restrain myself from buying more.  
Last year we planted a lot of trees, so this year we have only added a Kousa dogwood.  I would love some fruit trees {the two we planted last year died}, but am not sure I will get to it this year.  
On the snowy/rainy/cold days I enjoyed time at the sewing machine.  I made up some drawstring project bags and zippered pouches for my firefly farm goods shop   as well as a vintage army canvas tote.  Also started reading Onward and Upward in the Garden by Katherine White.  I am continuously knitting dishcloths and am working sporadically on the cable knit throw for my daughter.  Once in a while I pull out a sweater that I started for myself, and which will probably not be finished for some time at the rate I am going. 
My next major project will be outside...if it ever stops raining...All the fence boards and posts need to be stained, as does the Amish-built shed we had put up last year.  I just finished painting the antique gate and will be back soon with some pictures.
Thanks for stopping by--I hope you are enjoying warm weather---are you working on any projects?



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