Friday, December 23, 2005

Christmas favors

I think I found the idea/template for these in Thimbleberries Christmas Cottage book. They are cut out of card stock and a photocopy of a vintage postcard is glued on with some ribbon then tied around.

These are going on the Christmas dinner table and are filled with lots of little chocolate candies.

The last couple days have been spent getting the house cleaned and preparing as much of the food ahead of time as possible. I made dough for Martha's Blue Cheese and Pecan Icebox crackers and a pan of lasagna and froze that to be baked later. Dough is also made for the Rich Swedish cinnamon rolls for our Christmas brunch. The Dill rolls are rising in the kitchen now and dill dip is made for the veggie tray and dressing is ready for the spinach salad. Cookies are all baked and have been sampled by the quality control department:) magic cookie bars, raspberry crescents, peanut butter kiss cookies, chocolate dipped shortbreads, cut-outs, chocolate-orange biscotti, dark chocolate oreo bark, and a fudge wreath. ( I think we may have some chocoholic tendencies...) Tomorrow I'll bake the cheesecake, even though it doesn't appear as if we need to add any more calories!

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