Monday, May 01, 2006

Some of my weekend...

It was a great weekend here with sunshine and temps in the 60's and lots to do. An added bonus was receiving these two books in the mail Saturday and spending the last two evenings curled up enjoying them.

Saturday morning my sister and I went to an estate sale and then a few garage sales. I wasn't out to spend much and came home with with this:
  • a linen tablecloth with pale yellow stripes $5
  • a cement bunny for the garden $3
  • a jar of Scrabble letters for crafting & collage $1
The rhubarb is ready, so I picked some for a pie. My parents are coming to dinner tonight so I'm baking pies and tidying up the house.
Cottage Living recently had an article on raised beds for strawberries. Saturday, Mike built one for me and I planted 25 strawberry plants. It's not as fancy as their's, which had finials in the corners, but maybe I will add some later. I'm afraid it looks rather bleak without the rest of the garden planted yet.
Sunday I baked some orange pecan scones to have with tea. Most of the day was spent outdoors working on my flower beds. When I'm not in such a rush, I'll post some recipes.


  1. Hi Deb,

    I discovered your lovely blog this weekend & have been enjoying the archived posts and pictures. Look forward to future posts! :)

    Blessings, Tracy

  2. The books which arrived to you this weekend looks very intersting. I love vintage style too.

  3. Hi Debbie, I hope you will share the recipe for the scones..they look delicious! We have such similar tastes in things. I have an armoire very similar to yours and use it as a coat closet in our entryway. Sounds like you had a lovely weekend filled with simple pleasures.

  4. You got the new CATH KIDSTON??????? I am tempted to be envious. I really like your new finds. Ahhhh...garage sale season is upon us.
    Thanks for coming by..
    ps~Do you ever make strawberry rhubarb pie? That is a family fave here.

  5. I love your photographs from your weekend, all so lovely. I can't wait to see your strawberries!

  6. How amazing, I thought new york was all city and skyscrapers!!


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