Thursday, June 15, 2006

Summer Corner Ideas

I usually do Corners of my Home on Thursday, but today I am calling it Summer Corner Ideas as Clarice at Storybook Woods is collecting ideas that bring summer into your home. One way I bring summer in is with flowers.
I went out this morning and cut some peonies and decided to put them with some lady's mantle ~ alchemilla mollis. I love this plant which gets sprays of tiny chartreuse blossoms. I discovered it when I read English Cottage Gardening by Margaret Hensel, with a forward by Tasha Tudor, whose gardens are included. This is my favorite gardening book and has given me tons of inspiration!

I stuck the flowers in a tin can and decided I liked the look.
Another 'summery idea' is a bird cage ~ this is a garage sale find which I repainted. Inside I stuck an abandoned bird nest, a feather, and my 'bird', which is a softie sewn out of damask.

Just another view of the flowers next to my rocker...

Idea #3 ~ This little cabinet came from a garage sale and had a wood panel in the door. I took the panel out and put some glass in and painted the cabinet. Now it holds all kinds of nature finds ~ abandoned bird's nests & eggs, feathers, pinecones, sand dollar, etc.
A closer view of the contents...
Idea #4 I added some sand to this glass container and added a vanilla scented candle ~ simple and summery.
A great idea Clarice! I can't wait to see what everyone has to share.


  1. Debbie, all of the ideas you've shared are truly lovely ones. Flowers are my favorite decoration in every season. I really like your birdcage idea...especially with the bird being a handcrafted one. Your nature cabinet is a marvelous idea! I've told you this before, I know, but I really appreciate your taste in things.

  2. I love every idea. I really like the birdcage with your softie in such a lovely ivory. Gorgeous flowers, gorgeous arrangements...I, indeed, feel very summer-ized. :)

  3. It's also very pretty seeing your outdoor flowers by looking through the birdcage. :)

  4. Anonymous3:02 PM

    How beautiful. I loved the birdcage too and the flowers so simple yet stunning. You have made some really good finds into really great pieces. Blessings.

  5. Such pretty pictures. You have a great decorating style!

  6. Great ideas...and thank you for the inspiration!!! Love the flowers in a very simple tin!!!

  7. Such lovely things and furniture! I really love the cane chair and the little stool. I really want a stool like that. ;)

  8. Your house looks really light and airy. The bird cage s brilliant!

  9. Debbie, you have such a lovely home. I love visiting your site because you always have such wonderful decorating ideas. Thanks for sharing with us and "keep them coming!"

  10. Anonymous7:30 AM

    Your flowers and decorating ideas are just lovely! I enjoy coming to your site for inspiration.

  11. Oh, everything is so summery!! I had a tiny Lady's mantle a few summers ago but it got too hot. I read in a book that the drops of water that stick on their leaves are fairy diamonds. Your flowers are just beautiful!

    Your nature cabinet is such a good idea. You did a great job placing things inside!

  12. So beautiful!

    Even the tin can.


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