Thursday, July 13, 2006

Corners of my Home ~ Bedroom

In my bedroom, I have a Victorian 'fainting couch'. It was probably my first major antique purchase and the first time I ever bid on and won something at an auction. I remember being nervous at the time ~ especially spending $80 on it. It looked quite bedraggled and was covered in a tattered red velvet. I found a gentleman, locally, who did reupholstery, and he transformed it.

Sometimes, though not often enough, I will lie down midafternoon and close my eyes here for twenty minutes or so; sometimes I read.

The afghan was a wedding present, and the pillow came from a garage sale for 2 or 3 dollars...
This little tea tray sits on an old wicker trunk at the foot of my bed. Some morning I just know someone will bring me breakfast, or at least tea, in bed! :)


  1. your bedroom looks so cozy. I love the cushion and the 'fainting couch, I have always wanted one myself. And the little tea tray looks so charming. I have a tea tray which is almost the same, it is in my kitchen, with some rose cups on it.

  2. Dear Debbie, just to let you know my parcel arrived safely, everything is beautiful. The chocolates were eaten immediately with my freshly made coffee.I used the peg apron yesterday and felt very special. I have been collecting various soft mauves and purple yarns to make something special so the yarn you sent fits right in. I have been trying to post some photos of the present but I haven't succeeded so far. Thank you so much. love Jenny

  3. Anonymous6:33 PM

    80?!! what a deal! It's absolutely gorgeous!

  4. Debbie, can I come with Clarice?? LOL I love the "fainting couch," I don't know what I like more the couch itself or the name!! They did a fabulous job reupholstering and 80 dollars was a steal! I love the pillow as well. It is my fondest wish that someday someone will bring you a nice cup of hot tea as you are "lounging" on your fainting couch!! I love it!!

  5. Yay, Corners! So pretty, as usual. It looks like a wonderful place to get a quick nap or read a great book. Your tea tray looks so nice. I do love things at the foot of the bed like that. (I have none, though..I had a table at the foot of the bed and after the third time hubby busted his shin on it, I was told to move it. lol)

  6. What a beautiful sofa..and a great deal to boot!!! Love it all!!!
    Blessings to you....

  7. Anonymous9:07 PM

    Oh, a fainting couch!! I rue the day that I sold the one I had (which was orange velvet!!) Yours is absolutely gorgeous. I hope you have the opportunity to enjoy it often.

  8. Wow, this brought back memories for me. My dad was an upoholsterer and one of my earliest memories was of him working on a chaise longue like yours in his workshop. He used to keep the upholstery tacks in his mouth! I copied him, he turned around, saw what I was doing a rushed me to Casualty! I didn't swallow any though!

  9. I love your fainting couch...I never knew it was called that. Your home is so cozy and inviting.

  10. Your fainting couch is so beautiful! I could definitely see myself taking a nap on it. :0)
    Your little tea tray and pillow are so sweet. Thank you for sharing corners of your bedroom with us!

  11. Anonymous3:03 AM

    I love your fainting couch!When I lived in Tromsø,Norway I found sofa like that but It was in a very bad conditions and we was moving to denmark so I couldnt thake it with me.. :-(

  12. Anonymous10:27 AM

    Absolutely beautiful Deb, what lovely things. I especially love the faiting couch, I would call it a chaise longue. Blessings.

  13. Anonymous10:28 AM

    lol, fainting not faiting

  14. Anonymous2:02 PM

    I like your "corner" where you can nap, read, or take tea. Did you ever get your breakfast tea in bed, by the way?

  15. Anonymous10:43 PM

    Love your chair and tea set. So beautiful and relaxing. Thanks for sharing.-Tara


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