Monday, October 23, 2006

WIP tea cozy, quilted potholder & a new hat

It was a pretty quiet weekend here, mostly spent inside due to the rain & cold. I didn't get to post my work in progress for Friday, so here is a peek at the tea cozy. It's moving along slowly as I work on it for awhile and then jump to something else... this cabled hat from S'n B Nation. I liked the one I made for my daughter so much, I ended up knitting one for myself using some yarns I had on hand.

Recently I've been liking the idea of combining knitting with fabric and Copper's Wife's post had me thinking of making potholders. Debbie Bliss Home shows a potholder using a knitted square and a piece of fabric; I changed it a bit and used a patchwork top...

Edited: One thing I forgot to mention is that I did use a layer of cotton batting which the patchwork is quilted to. I know there is a heat resistant product you could use also; not sure of the name of it.

I love using what I have on hand ~ this has some Denyse Schmidt fabric scraps, a piece of a vintage linen napkin, and a square of an old linen calendar. Here you can see the back which I knitted of cream cotton in seed/moss stitch...

I will definitely be making some more of these!


  1. I love the potholder. I wish I had more of those linen calendars...I made my mom a bag out of one and it turned out so time when I was at my favorite thrift store they had a about twenty of them for three dollars...but I had limited cash and so I had to decide between them and a really cool vintage apron...the apron won out.

  2. Ohh Debbie can you see me jumping up and down excited. I have been wanting pot holders, now I know what to do. Thank you Clarice

  3. I love that potholder. I had been thinking about something similar myself but never actually got round to it. It looks great. Autumn is a good time to get lots of small projects done isn't it.

  4. Anonymous7:29 PM

    I can hardly wait to see what the finished tea cozy looks like. The colors are so bright and festive!!

    I do love the potholder with the knitted back! Does the knitting give it enough insulation to be functional, or is it more for a trivet or decorative? I do love it!! The patchwork front and seed stitch back are lovely together.

  5. Anonymous1:52 AM

    They`re fabulous! I like the colours of the tea cozy & the potholder is lovely, what a great idea!

  6. Going green with envy over your lovely talent!

  7. Neato. I love the potholder and the hat and can't wait to see the tea cozy. I have somewhere on this machine a picture of some purses that are crocheted on the bottom and joined to fabric. I would think you could easily make that translation to knitting. They were so cool. where did I put those? I'll email it to ya.

  8. I just love your potholder! I really want to make some now! :0)

  9. Wow this is gorgeous!!!How did you do this???

  10. The potholder looks great! And I like your knitting too.


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