Thursday, November 02, 2006

corners of my home

Today's corner is in my daughter's room. I was doing some cleaning and picking up and figured it was a good time for some 'corners' pictures. No, it is not always this experience with artists in my family is that they are extremely messy :)
The chair in this corner is an old mohair chair that someone had put out to the street. I made a slipcover from some white denim, that was only $2 a yard once at Walmart. The ottoman was a tag sale find that I also slipcovered~if it looks a bit misshapen it's because the springs really need some work...someday. My husband made the wall shelf and I made the bulletin board by covering some homosote with fabric and adding ribbon.

The iron bed was $5 at a yard sale. It was white for many years, but when we redecorated a year or two ago I painted it black to go with the new color scheme. My daughter had picked out some fabrics, at the time, right before leaving for week to visit a friend. While she was gone Mike & I completely redid her room~lots of sewing and painting~and she was happily surprised when she returned.

More pictures next week.


  1. Nice room. I bet that was a nice surprise. It's so nice the way you work together on your home.

  2. I really like this room and would tempted to hang out there. Even if it was my daughters room. Clarice
    ps. go look at my blog I have a request for you !!

  3. Anonymous5:31 PM

    You always amaze me with what you do with your finds. Gorgeous!

  4. I love the colours and the way you've used various thrifty finds to pull it all together. We've been renting for a bit but are moving back to our *own* house after Christmas. I'm just itching to start painting and decorating. Thanks for the creative inspiration!

  5. Love the black bed! The room looks so pulled did a fine job!

  6. I just love your blog, your home, your style, everything! You are a true inspirasion :-) I'm a daily reader og your blog! Greetings from Mette, Norway

  7. Anonymous1:40 PM

    Beautiful!! The corner picture is gorgeous. I love the color scheme.

  8. Anonymous3:25 PM

    Love your daughter's room, Debbie!

  9. Anonymous2:44 PM

    What a wonderful room. I love the colours.

  10. You are indeed a clever person - this looks really lovely and I find it very inspiring - I am also about to do up my daughters room.

  11. Beautiful bedroom ... I love to read about other peoples garage sale and yard sale finds and how they transform them - proving the 'one man's trash is another man's treasure' theory!

  12. Anonymous11:12 AM

    This room looks so cozy and inviting!!! It is soooo cold outside my home right now, so the sunlight in the photo looks so warm and welcoming! What a lovely room, indeed!

    Mrs. U

  13. What a beautiful room and what a fortunate daughter. My mom and dad did a similar thing for me one time. They surprised me with a room of my own for the first time and decorated it so lovely. It is one of my happiest birthday memories.

  14. Anonymous1:30 PM

    Such a pretty room, it looks so warm and comforting. You did a very nce job.

    PS. I came to via Little Jenny Wren.

  15. Anonymous1:39 AM

    Oh, I would love to learn how to make an ottoman slipcover like yours! Can you post a pattern or directions? The hard part is the piping.

    Thanks, you're an inspiration!!

  16. Very nicely done and at such bargain prices! Kudos.


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