Monday, June 14, 2010

some firefly farm goods

I've been taking advantage of a few
rainy days to work on some drawstring bags
using these gorgeous vintage
embroidered linens...

...and, I've also sewn
a 'cherries' clothespin bag
from a vintage tablecloth...

If interested, they can be found


  1. So pretty, rainy days can yeild such great things.

  2. I love those bags!

  3. Anonymous2:37 PM

    I love the draw string bags. I use a lot of vintage embroidered linens too, but beginning to find they are harder to source, and when I do they tend to be quite expensive. Unless I'm lucky and find pieces in a charity shop.
    Do you still find these linens easily in the States?

  4. Pretty pretty bags! I love visiting with you! I come away so inspired! Thanks! Matty

  5. What a beautiful idea...

    they are so(understatement) charming.

    Arn't rainy days - the best???

  6. I love the embroidery on those bags and the bags themselves.

  7. I have 2 pieces of embroidery that belonged to my husbands grandmother that have the same basket design on them!
    Your work is absolutely wonderful:)

  8. these ar so beautiful, what a wonderful way to repurpose vintage linens!

  9. Deb,
    I always love it when you post those drawstring bags. There is just something about them that makes me smile. And even though I don't like hanging clothes out on the line your peg bags are always darling. Love the vintage fabric.

  10. Wow - sale pending on all three bags already! They are beautiful . .

  11. Your bags are beautiful!

  12. I love your bags! The embroidery brought back memories of when my gramma taught me to do that kind of embroidery. And, if I had that clothespin bag, it would never be used as such, it's too beautiful. I still have some of those tablecloths.

  13. I LOVE both of these projects! :) *creative juices starting to flow* ---

    Is that knitting at the bottom of the bags? That looks neat!

  14. I've always loved your beautiful drawstring bags. Love the combination of the vintage pieces, knitting, and added fabric. And, of course, they're always snatched up before I can blink an eye : )!

  15. I love what you make!


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