Wednesday, December 15, 2010

9 days til Christmas

With temperatures in the teens and blustery, blowing
snow, I am thankful to be inside.
My outdoor chores are done as quickly as possible
these days ~
*making sure the hens are tucked in with their
heat lamp and plenty of food and water,
*gathering eggs
*de-icing the cats' water bowl and replenishing
their food
*shoveling the sidewalks & retrieving the mail
Inside there is so much yet to do, as I have not
even started any Christmas cookie baking
or present wrapping.
The decorating has slowly begun...

...and I've made a few glittery banners.

I'm off now to finish decorating {except for
the real tree, which will go up this weekend}
and then I can start baking.
What are your plans for the week?


  1. Everything looks beautiful as usual on your end. :)

    For us - our first Christmas is but 2 days away. Our 2nd Christmas is just a few days after that with our Christmas Eve on December 22. So, everything had to be ready much earlier. Husband's birthday is on Christmas Eve. :)

    This weekend, we travel to our first Christmas gathering with my sisters and their families. Gifts all wrapped and ready to go.

  2. Love those sweet little cream "cones" with the different embellishments. The simplicity is so refreshing!

  3. Love your whites/creams. The little trees are exquisite. Happy baking!

  4. Anonymous11:59 AM

    Here in the cottage things are also moving slowly. The temperatures are in the single digits and the wind...oh boy!

    But the decorations went up. Trying to stay simple this year. This way only the things that mean the most are out :-)

    Your home is looking lovely as usual. I especially like the brightness of your home. I live in a cottage with very little windows and sometimes it feels as I live in a hobbit house :)

    The cream "cones" are lovely...all those buttons.

    Just lovely,


  5. I continue to love your home. The pictures you post always make me want to jump up and clean, then knit, then drink tea, then...

    Please share what your Christmas baking will include :-)

  6. Your glittery banners and white "trees" are lovely. Mmmmmm, everyones homes are smelling so good this time of year with all the cookie baking. Enjoy your preparations.

  7. lovely. very cosy. we are getting going slowly around here as we're still settling into a new place. hopefully lights and wreath will come together soon, and baking soon after that! i love the holidays but i'm getting nervous now!

  8. Hi Deb-
    Nice post, do the chickens lay eggs all year? Love the simplicity and clean serene look of your home.
    I'm wondering at the bottom of your post how you get the 3 older posts, "you might also like", I've looked everywhere and can't seem to figure it out, feel technically challenged.
    For me: sooooo much to do yet-3 more quilts to quilt and bind. Cards to write, tree to put up, cookies to bake, presents to wrap, and 2 more star hotpads to crochet...Not much sleep for me coming up this weekend.

  9. Hi Deb! Your decorations look beautiful so far! I love the trees and the fresh greens.

  10. Everyone seems to be going at a slower pace this year which I think is good....It's very cold here in the deep south and I am staying in as much as possible...trying hard to finish a knitting project before Christmas....

    Your decorations are lovely and your home is very peaceful.......

  11. Anonymous10:14 PM

    so pretty. and i can just imagine the smell of baking in your beautiful home.

  12. Your snowy world looks so beautiful!

    Baking, baking, baking is what it's about at our house this week. We have a Christmas party this weekend, so I'll be baking lots of cookies, then housecleaning, and those last little decorating touches.

    Next week, I'll be on to the Christmas sewing...not a lot of it to do...but just enough to be fun, without being stressful.

  13. Everything looks so pretty Deb.
    Next week, hubby and I are spending a few days in New York doing some Christmas shopping :-)

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