Tuesday, January 11, 2011

getting back on track after all those Christmas cookies!

We all eat a lot better here
if I take the time to keep plenty of healthy
food ready to eat.
So after my grocery shopping trip yesterday,
I made up some granola...   

...and some yogurt to go with the fresh
pineapple and melon I bought.

And, I made up one of my favorite healthy
black bean dip...

It may not look pretty,
but it is delicious,
especially with some garlic pita chips!


Black Bean Dip

15 - 16 oz can organic black beans, rinsed & drained
1 small can green chilies, drained
1/4 cup salsa
2 tsp cumin
1 clove garlic, pressed
a squeeze of lime
Process in food processor until smooth.


  1. Anonymous2:41 PM

    I too am on a health kick after Christmas! Eating black bean burgers right now, they are so easy to make and freeze extras! Will definitely try the black bean dip! Thanks!

  2. Sounds yummy and easy :-)

  3. Ooooh, yummy! I think this could possibly be a family favorite. I'm finding I can't get enough of salads and fruits after the heaviness of the holidays!! Hooray for the return of healthful eating : )!! Yummy post!

  4. I have some cans of black beans in the pantry that I have never been quite sure what to do with....black bean dip sounds like the answer

  5. Mmm. That sounds delicious. I will definitely try it out!

  6. mmmmm, the black bean dip sounds yummy!

  7. and I have a new food processor so I can actually try your recipe...I love black beans :)

  8. I'm eating M&M's. They're healthy right?

  9. Feeling the same urges ... green smoothies every morning now and brothy soups for lunch. I'll have to sneak in that tidy recipe of yours as well! Enjoying your blog!

  10. It does feel good to "get back on track" after the sweets and treats of the hoildays.

  11. List made. Now got to get to store. Sounds great!

  12. Hi Deb, I am shopping for a food processor...which brand/model do you have? Would you recommend it? Kristine

  13. Hi, just found your blog through Crumpled Envelope on Tumblr...and just want you to know that we'd be fast best friends if you lived here. We could get into some craft trouble together! Just wanted to say hi...we're kindred spirits...

  14. What size are the glass storage jars holding the flour and granola? I use recycled pickle jars but sure would like some of those square jars on my counter ;-)

  15. Thanks, I have been looking for a good black bean dip.


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