Sunday, February 06, 2011

heading south

The snowfall yesterday was really beautiful,
but still, I am grateful to be taking a little
break from it all.  Dragging a cart of chicken manure
through snow is no easy task!  But, their house,
and ours is fairly tidy and in order now
and tomorrow I fly out for a couple weeks in
Florida with my Mom & sister. 
Husband and daughter will be staying home
to hold down the fort, and hopefully
will survive without me :)
There was some last minute sewing for the trip:
a canvas carry-all, which was inspired by one
I think I saw in a Toast catalog;
and a laptop sleeve that I sewed
up this afternoon.
Best thing is, it's reversible

...or plain linen

...and very simple.  I just took my laptop measurements {length and width}, added 4 -5 inches to length for flap, and added seam allowances.  I sewed two pouches {one with batting for padding}, inserted one inside the other-wrong sides together-and turned down the raw edge of the openings and topstitched together, sewing in an elastic loop.  Add a button on each side and you're done.
Have a happy Februay!
I must finish packing...


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