Friday, July 22, 2011

fresh from the garden

It's been a busy time in the kitchen lately,
and with fresh pickling cucumbers from the garden this week,
I decided to make some refrigerator pickles...

I brought these straight in from the
garden to the cutting board within minutes...
I used a combination of this recipe, which I
used last year, and this recipe,
which I hadn't tried before.
I did cut back the sugar a little.

Instead of jars, I'm trying them in some of
my old refrigerator glass containers.
I love picking these up cheaply from yard
sales and using them for food storage
rather than plastic.

Hope you're staying cool--the heat index
was over 100 F here yesterday,
and I was melting--very hot for us
northerners, but just what we look
forward to after a long cold winter!


  1. Rhonda2:10 PM

    Your cucmbers/pickles look good!  I like your idea of the glass containers.

  2. Clreedmarquis3:41 PM

    I love pickles! I just did a post about refrigerator pickles not to long ago! I also love that dish, I'm going to have to look for some.

  3. Julie Hunter4:33 PM

    I really need to pickle some of our cukes and stop eating them right away. They're just so good! I think I may hold back a bit and try one of those recipes.

  4. DebbyMc (Quiltnbee)5:05 PM

    I love refrigerator boxes, too =-)  I'm going to the farmer's market this afternoon and now, since your post, I am going to get some pickling cukes if they have any and make pickles!

  5. My recipe:

  6. Brenda5:51 PM

    The cucumbers certainly look yum, I too love those old glass containers, did you know here in Australia you have to pay $30-$40 for one of those - seriously!

  7. You can enjoy cucumber sandwiches in the heat!

    I wouldn't mind some of your heat, it's windy, cold and rainy here.

  8. I've been picking up the fridge containers for years!

  9. Nancy6:36 PM

    Oh how often I am tempted to lick the screen after one of your luscious posts ;-)

  10. just to say that I really enjoy my "weekly visits" tio your blog

  11. Jackie Penn5:19 PM

    Don't guess I realized how easy it would be to pickle the cucumbers. I like the second recipe you found the best. Now I need to get some cucumbers and try this. Our garden didn't make it through the drought and the hungry deer (they jumped all the fences). 

    My Attempt at Blogging

  12. After a long time without rain, it finally rained here a bit the last two
    days. My cucumbers are doing very well considering. Best wishes with the
    pickles :-)



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