Thursday, August 11, 2011


                Wondering why I don't bring flowers inside more often.
These are from a few weeks ago...

With the turning of the calendar page
to August,
the weather has already begun to change.
We've had some much needed rain,
and the grass is beginning to grow again.
The mornings are cool now
when I head out for my daily hour
of weeding in the vegetable and flower gardens.
We've found ourselves reaching for an
extra blanket at night.
And, Canadian geese have been passing
overhead, on their way South already?...time
to savor the remaining golden days of summer.
I happened upon this little visitor the other



  1. www.theeevolvinghomemaker.com11:42 AM

    i love your vases.  i noticed a huge flock of geese already where i am...surprised me yesterday too! fall is on it's way!


  2. I like the way you show your flowers. So pretty!

  3. Rhonda2:20 PM

    Nice flowers!  They sure pretty-up a room.  :)  We got some "cooler" weather and rain the last day or 2 or 3, we're so thankful!

  4. Thanks Rhonda!


  5. Thank you Jean!


  6. Thanks for the visit Jen!


  7. Clreedmarquis9:36 PM

    I love turtles! They are so darn cute.
    Isn't this weather great? Now it's a pleasure to do the weeding.

  8. Love your floral arrangements.  I miss having those in my home, but we've just moved and there are no flowers here!   I hope to remedy that next year.  I just ordered some bulbs from Breck's with the $25.00 coupon---thanks for the heads-up on that!  Your "vases" are so pretty.  Is it just me, or does the tail on that turtle look extra long? :o)

  9. crickitjo9:17 AM

    Gorgeous flowers!  What a cute turtle... he has quite a long tail.  :)

  10. I love your flowers. It is still a bit warm here. I'mlooking forward to some cooler weather.


  11. True.  It's amazing how flowers spruce up a room.


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