Thursday, October 27, 2011

a fall supper

The weather has now turned wet and cold
with a chance even of some snow flakes.
Many of the trees are bare,
though some still hold on to their colorful
leaves, a branch of which I brought in from my
walk today to prop on the mantel.
The woodstove is now lit by late afternoon
to keep us cozy as darkness falls a bit
earlier each day.
A chicken {homegrown} has been simmering
in the pot this afternoon ~~
chicken & gravy over biscuits for dinner tonight,
with some butternut squash from our garden.
A perfect fall meal.


  1. I always enjoyed early fall when we lived in PA. Especially late afternoons turning into cooler nights and a hot pot of soup. Nice, cozy post.

  2. Sounds absolutely lovely.  I don't know if I could stew one of my hens.

  3. I love cozy fall evenings!  Although we got our first blast of winter this week...what a jolt to the system after being 80deg two days before!

  4. Heather Barnes6:23 PM

    Just lovely images, both in words and pictures,  :)

  5. Thanks Heather, I really appreciate the kind words!



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