Friday, December 16, 2011

sewing with vintage fabric

Creating from vintage materials
is so enjoyable.
I have been saving this bit of fabric
for just the right small project::
a great little zipper pouch
for cosmetics, sewing or knitting notions,
sunglasses...all those incidentals 
that I tend to misplace.
Pattern by Keyka Lou
Pouch available in the shop.


  1. christine e-e7:23 PM

    adorable... I like that the zipper extends down the sides - it really opens up the bag more!

  2. Hroy19767:37 PM

    Very nice!  I love new things made from vintage material!

  3. Katy A7:56 PM

    So cute! I always love the items you make!

  4. I like vintage fabrics and textiles. This little pouch is adorable. I'm just now getting interested in sewing. This something that looks simple enough. Although... I'm not handy with zippers, I'm heading to your shop to check it out! 

    so cute~ Pat

  5. Panza in Oz1:50 AM

    Just gorgeous! Love the beads

  6. wendy.wilson32112:53 PM

    This is so pretty, I love the fabric...very girlie and delicate. But Deb what I would like to know is how on earth do you find the time to do all these beautiful projects with Christmas looming round the corner? Im running around like a headless chicken over here and have no time for my crafting (or ME!) 
    Hugs Wendy x

  7. Wendy, you are much more sensible than I-I spent today like a headless chicken also, just getting started on cookie baking, still decorating-no tree yet, and presents yet to be finished. I was not going to work on that pouch the other day-or so I told myself, but I couldn't resist and sat sewing when I should have been doing more important things! :-)


  8. Thank you so much!


  9. Thanks Pat! The zipper was a bit tricky due to the curve, though not as hard as I thought it would be.


  10. Jody Courtney2:45 PM

    This is really terrific!  The style of the dop kit (or make-up bag) is great too.


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