Thursday, December 08, 2011

a table runner for the dining room

A couple yards of burlap have been sitting on the
shelf waiting for just the right project.
So, when I saw this I knew that a table
runner for the dining room was just the thing.
It was very quick to put together
and inexpensive...and just in time for 
some Christmas decorating
soon to take place...I hope.


  1. Lilian L5:09 PM

    I love your table runner.  I love your table more!  I've been thinking about stripping our plain pine table that's been varnished and painting the legs and leaving the top.  Have you just beeswaxed the table top?

  2. Your table runner is so pretty. I've always loved creamy burlaps.

  3. I have been thinking of a new runner... your's is so pretty and simple. I have only been reading here for a little while but love your blog and your ideas... I post about where I'm reading lately and your place is one of them. you can read about it here! I'm inspired by your blog~ 

  4. Confessions of a Plate Addict9:28 PM

    Hi Deb! I am so tickled that you found the tutorial helpful! Yours is gorgeous and looks so pretty on your table!...hugs...Debbie

  5. looks perfect on your table!!!  something so simple can change a whole room!

  6. Pie Lady Pat11:32 AM

    Very chic!  I have a length of burlap languishing in my sewing studio.... you've inspired me!  Thanks.

  7. I saw a similar runner on A Cottage Industry blog a couple of years ago and have since repinned it on Pinterest.  It's had over 150 repins since then.  Hopefully I'll get around to making one myself someday.

  8. Lovely & simple!! :)

  9. Who knew burlap could be so feminine! Love this!


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