Wednesday, February 22, 2012

on Ash Wednesday

Hoping to take time for reflection
this Lenten season...

"Yes, lent calls us to think great thoughts and to embrace great visions of faith, and we try to do that. But it’s a season...for remembering small things too. “A cup of cold water,” a prisoner, someone sick visited, someone naked clothed, someone hungry fed, “a word to the weary to rouse them.”

The law of God often comes down to small things, and the greatest in the kingdom of God are the best at that."
by V. Hoagland CP


  1. Karin in BC9:06 PM

    Beautiful photos and a wonderful quote to put me in the mood for Lenten. Thank you, Deb!

  2. Great post to start off lent. Thank you.

  3. Small things, God's intentions to small things...small things are huge, accepting that God's intentions tell us to love all..may we all learn to love and give thanks...grace is in the small things which come from God.

  4. Amen....Thanks for sharing

  5. the small things are often the Big Things.


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