Wednesday, February 01, 2012

vintage planner/journal tutorial ~ part II

So, let's finish up...if you missed part I of
the tutorial, you can find it here.
7.  The eyelets are now in and decorative
paper, if desired, is glued to the inside covers.
Next, I cut the spine of the book down
the center and pulled off the brown paper...

{the eyelets shown are only 1-piece; the ones
I've been buying now are two piece like a grommet}
8.  I then trimmed the book spine fabric to
about 1/4"...

9.  I applied some Craft Bond acid free rubber cement
to that 1/4" section and pressed it around
the edge to the inside of the cover.
I set some waxed paper on top
and used some old irons to weight it down...

10.  Now you're ready to put in the book rings...

...and have some fun adding pages.

Next up, I'll show you some of the planners
and journals I've been making,
with some ideas for the insides.
And, you might want to check out the last post's
comments to find out what some clever
ladies have planned for their vintage books.


  1. Thank you thank you Deb!

  2. I can't wait to try this! Thanks so much for sharing.

  3. Thank You! I have a couple old books I've been saving for this after finding a similar sketchbook in a shop.

  4. Hi Debbie,

    Love your idea. There's a woman on Etsy who makes clutch bags from vintage books. I've been wanting to purchase one from her but haven't yet.

  5. It's beautiful! Now I am on the hunt for a book with a cover as pretty as the one you used.

  6. I've found my perfect book for this project. I'm so excited to get started. Hurry up weekend!!

  7. This is a great idea. Now I'll be on the lookout for the perfect old book to use!

  8. Love this idea!! I plan on getting w my artsy friend & making some. I have some old books that will b perfect!

  9. Love this idea!! I plan on getting w my artsy friend & making some. I have some old books that will b perfect!

  10. I'm a little confused on the spine part. The picture seems to show at least one side completely separated from the other. Do you remove the spine completely or does it stay attached to just one of the covers? I'm not clear on what you are using the rubber cement on. Can't wait, though! I've been looking for a book for your other project with a binder concept, but I think that I'll have more success getting this version to work.

  11. This is SO cute! I'm going to put my Christmas cards in mine too!
    One question: the eyelet (grommets) don't seem to be long enough to go thru the book cover, or just barely. Did you find some that were longer at a store somewhere? All I could find were 1/4" ones or ones that were even bigger but didn't seem to have a longer stem.


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