Monday, May 21, 2012

Monday ~ May 21st

Our weekend was 80 degrees and pure sunshine...most of the week was warm and sunny...which meant lots of yard work like weeding and spreading mulch, hanging laundry, long walks, the first s'mores by the campfire and not much time spent at the sewing machine or computer.
Porch furniture was hauled out from winter storage in the barn, hosed off, and scraped of peeling paint if needed.  The wicker rocker was given a new coat of black paint and new cushion covers sewn from canvas drop cloth material...I've given up on floral prints or any color, as all the covers I've sewn over the years have soon faded out from the sun.
And, some treasures were found at the first flea market and yard sales of the season: 
  • an old cast-iron Aladdin lamp in need of a shade
  • 2 round fluted tins
  • a small wire rack
  • old pie tin
  • tin flower container
  • 2 old books
  • a blue enamelware coffee pot--my most exciting find for $12
Now, to find a home for everything...  Hope your weekend was good!


  1. Great finds! Don't you just love spring?

    1. Yes, Spring is my favorite season...well, maybe not the cold rainy part...but the warming up-sunny-everything blooming and getting green part is the best!...Deb

  2. Delurking to let you know that the small metal rack is an old potato grater. They do a great job, but watch your knuckles. :)

    1. Lisa, thanks for letting me know--I had no idea. That would explain the handle on it!...Deb

  3. That wire rack is a grater--I use mine to grate cabbage!

  4. I have a blue enamel teapot Ive had since college days in the 1970's and am wondering what willyou do with yours? Mine has a few black dents in it buit will be inspired by what your idea is to do with it? will be watching this space!


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