Monday, September 24, 2012

Nature Notes::signs of Fall

{ Chicory::Cichorium intybus }

{ Purple Milkweed::Asclepias purpurascens }

{ Devil's Paint-brush::Yellow Hawkweed::Hieracium aurantiacum }

{ Goldenrod::Solidago juncea }

{ New England Aster::Aster novae-angliae }

It seems that as soon as the start of Autumn was official,
Summer quickly put on the brakes.
Suddenly the nights are much cooler and the down comforter
is welcome,
the morning dew is heavy,
leaves are falling,
and the field is turning a soft tan color with spots
of gold, blue and purple.
As I take my daily walks,
the air smells of Fall, the sunshine is warm, and the sky
is a brilliant blue...such a glorious time of year!


Dresses from Shabby Apple


  1. Hi Deb,
    What lovely photos. Cool temperatures are welcome!

  2. Here in Australia it is supposed to be spring yet we have still been experiencing simply freezing temperatures and COLD winds (at least where I live in Melbourne). I love hearing about your part of the world!

    1. Thanks for stopping by Katherine--hope your Spring is warming up!....Deb

  3. This time of year is so much fun and so full of beauty don't you think? The weather is get more "fall" like here too and I'm loving it.

    1. It is great--I love the change of seasons...Deb

  4. I like the first picture best. I was just thinking yesterday that it's too bad you can't take pictures of smells, because I love the smell of fall.

  5. Your photos are just lovely. Everything is pretty much brown up here in the Southeast corner of Saskatchewan.


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