Friday, January 18, 2013

a yarn sack, some pouches, and a sale!

This week I've been sewing pouches.

It all started because I wanted to make myself a yarn-keeper-type 
of that, as I'm knitting away, the ball of yarn is not falling-rolling-flying
across the floor as so often seems the case.

The bag at top is what I made, out of a vintage linen/cotton dish towel--{two of which I recently found unused, still in their original package}.  
It will hold a ball of yarn,
which can be threaded through the grommeted opening,
as well as a small project in progress.
There are two pockets inside for the 'little stuff'...row counter,
stitch markers, tapestry needle, little scissors, etc.
I decided to give the bag a little detachable leather handle for easy
carrying around and also to hang it next to me as I knit,
which I often do. 

I made one yarn sack for me and one for the shop,
just in case someone else might need one :)
The drawstring pouch with a vintage embroidered lady
walking her dog,
and the grain sack + leather zippered bag
are in the shop as well.

Oh, and there are a few bags & totes that
have been marked down 20% ~ time to make room for the new!

Have a good weekend,  Deb



  1. Beautiful pouches! :) Love your talent!

    That is such a great make a pouch for yarn! :)

  2. I love your pouches!

  3. Love the yarn pouch!!! Many, many times it seems like my yarn decides to take a trip across the floor.

    God bless.

  4. Hi Deb,
    Love all your sewing projects. Too cute. Looks like they go pretty fast, I saw a lot of sold out signs. Which is a good thing.
    I have an old antique bed frame,I saw yours, looks so nice all finished. Richard got mine years ago in someone's garage where he was working, they said just take it. Well yeah!
    Anyway love your site. I'm thinking you are in western NY someplace, me too. Its snowing hard today, looks so pretty.
    Nancy Jo


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