Thursday, April 04, 2013

welcome April...



I hope your Easter was a joyful one.  Ours was blessed by time spent
with favorite people and delicious food as well.
It has very much continued to be winter here.  The ground is still hard
and frozen beneath my feet as I walk or play with the dogs in the early morning.
Flurries fly from time to time and the woodstove is still keeping
us cozy inside.  The hens are not ready to give up their heat lamp
and their water is still kept on the warmer to prevent it from freezing overnight.
The bulbs are very, very slowly pushing their way up from the ground.
When the birds are singing and the sun peeps out,
it looks like Spring cannot be far off--it just doesn't feel like Spring yet.
I recently checked a project off my to-do list,
that has been awaiting doing for a long time:  a linen liner for our bread basket.
It took very little time once I set my mind to it,
and it felt very peaceful to sit and do a bit of hand sewing.
The idea comes from Martha and can be found
My last bit of news...there will be a Shabby Apple giveaway here very soon!
See you then.


  1. Those eggs are beautiful!

    Isn't it interesting how relaxing and good it can feel to sit and do hand sewing? I love it. Your basket is great.

    Sending warm thoughts of spring your way.

  2. Your photos look misty and like maybe you were in Enland on the moors :). I love my linen lined bread baskets. How thrifty and clever you are to make your own.

  3. We are starting to get signs of autumn Deb, shorter days (tho probably nowhere near as short as yours) and cooler temps, a doona on the bed instead of just a sheet. I haven't made soup yet but I'm thinking about it.

  4. I haven't commented in ever so long, but I just want you to know there is such a sense of peace in this lovely place.


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