Tuesday, July 16, 2013

a finished Scalene


This scarf was finished awhile ago, but the recent blooms on these rose bushes, which border the chicken yard, have reminded me to take some pictures. I really like wearing this scarf--the keyholes are wonderful for holding it in place, and allow it to be worn several different ways.  The pattern is well-written and gives directions for three different yarn gauges--I really appreciate that feature!  The Madelintosh yarn is beautiful and soft.  The color scheme was inspired by the rose bushes and by ornamentation's Scalene...more details on my Ravelry page


  1. Everything is lovely in pink ;-)

  2. Never heard of a Scalene...have to google that one.
    I thought it looked like a shawl. But what do I know? :)

    I do like the color. And I do like the thought of wearing one around the house in the cooler months. I should probably get a pattern and get to crocheting... I'm thinking this looks knitted, right?
    I don't knit. :/
    You do beautiful work. Pat

  3. Very pretty. And so very useful especially with the keyholes. I also have never heard of a 'skalene' - off to ravelry to check it all out!

  4. Love both the pattern and the colour! And it looks great against the roses. Speaking of roses: being at the other end of the seasons, Tony's just cut ours right back.

  5. The scarf is really beautiful. I love knitting scarves and shawls second only to socks.

  6. Beautiful scarf! It looks so very comfortable. I need to add this to my 'to do' list for this fall.

  7. Very pretty, and a nice alternative to another Color Affection...so I just went to Rav and bought the pattern! :) Soooooo, looks like maybe our weather in NYS is about to change...I will be happy...been here 3 days now and that is enough humidity for almost a lifetime...Stay cool! :)

  8. That's really pretty and looks simple enough. I'll look at your Ravelry page soon.

    Blessings from Harvest Lane Cottage,

  9. Love the colours of the scarf. Excellent job.

    God bless.


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