Thursday, August 29, 2013

savoring summer

{ a door basket I found at a yard sale for $1 ~ I see endless possibilities here }

{ biking the Erie Canal ~ 18 miles }

{ my table at the craft fest ~ items should make it to the shop in a couple weeks }

{ small town parades ~ not to be missed! }
I can't believe August is coming to a close...though, I am refusing to listen to any talk that summer is over...September 21 and no sooner! :)


  1. Wow, that tall blue & white house/building is amazing. It's on Lake Erie canal so it's a canal house perhaps, whatever that is. :) Like a lighthouse but on a canal? You're right Deb you've still got summer until Sept 21st but my winter ends August 21st. :)

  2. I can hardly fathom how it is the end of August already! We have begun another homeschooling year and look forward to the autumn months ahead! :)

  3. I love your bucket of zinnias! I must remember to plant some next year. Though I look forward to fall, I am not in a rush for summer to end either. I'm not ready for the fall decorating and pumpkin recipes that everyone is posting and pinning. I'll hang on to sumner a little longer.

  4. I love your sewing machine base and bucket of zinnias. I'm with you... a month ago when people were saying it was late summer, I thought "don't know about you, but I've got almost 2 months left in my summer" :o)

  5. Just loving that door basket, what a find and what a steal! Gorgeous sewing table xoxo

  6. I was thinking this very thing this morning! Summer isn't over until the first day of fall, no matter how many pumpkins I see at the market! Summer is fleeting enough without us thinking it's over on Labor Day... :-) Oh, yes, I completely agree about small town parades! Quintessential Americana... Love, love!

  7. I love a good parade and small towns put on the best!!

    Have fun for the remaining summer.

    God bless.

  8. Great photo's, I can see lots of uses for that pretty little basket too and your wash cloths look great, I have been making them for my etsy shop too. I love the feel of hand knitted cloths.

  9. What a pretty little basket to greet you and your visitors. I am in complete agreement about 21 September. Why push these things when we all know it will be over soon enough?


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