Thursday, October 03, 2013

Indian Summer days

Our fall weather has been amazing, and we are making the most of the days to work in the yard & garden, take walks with the dogs, get the deck stained, and enjoy lots of apples.  I love baking in cast iron and found it makes for a perfect rustic apple tart.

We visited a local craft fair on the weekend and saw the above creation adorning a tree...just looking at it makes me want
to get knitting.

The roses, morning glories, nasturtiums, and mums
are blooming away;
the sunflowers are bowing out gracefully,
and the birds will soon be flocking to enjoy
the seeds.

We had a super season for onions--lots of large ones
perfect for some onion rings...

The peppers also did well; we've been eating lots,
and freezing up the rest.

In the door basket this week--some crab apple branches from
our tree...

Hope you're enjoying an Indian summer where you are!


  1. I enjoy baking in my cast iron. I've been collecting it piece by piece for the last couple of years. Once winter sets in, I can cook on the wood burning with them.
    Your tart looks delicious.
    The knitted art around the tree is interesting.
    enjoying what time we can outside for now...except for the mosquitoes!

  2. Oh that deep dish tart! Love the knitting graffiti!

  3. I love nasturtiums, have you tried them in your salads? Both the leaves and the flowers are edible with a peppery taste, I think the leaves are best, but who can resist that color in their salad? Love the beautiful crabapples in the basket too:>)

  4. Your tart looks amazingly delicious! I am embarassed to admit I have never thought of baking with cast iron. I have a ceramic top stove and don't cook with cast iron for fear of cracking the stove top in one of my clumsy moves. But I'd love to try baking with it! Indian summer is beautiful here in Connecticut. Your flowers are beautiful. My yard is a bit too shady for lots of flowers this time of year as I am surrounded by oaks - and LOTS of acorns. Going outside without a helmet can be painful! Last time we had this many it was a cold and snowy winter....

  5. Autumn is here and it's apple season! Your tart looks yummy!

  6. I like the idea of a door basket.

  7. Hi Deb - I have a sack of hot peppers in my fridge because I just don't know how to preserve them. What should I do to freeze them????

    Thank you! Melissa

    1. Melissa, this is what I do, and it comes straight from The Ball Blue Book--Wash and drain peppers; I cut out the stems and seeds. Freeze whole, or as halves, strips, or diced. Pack in freezer bags or jars. Nice and simple!.....Deb

  8. That pie looks amazing! You have a great blog!

    Feel free to visit my blog as well! <3



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