Saturday, January 04, 2014

Bonne année et bonne santé ~ Good Year and Good Health!

It has been a long absence from this place while I've savored the joys of the Christmas season,
~baking Christmas cookies
~making gifts...handknit slippers, a couple beaded bracelets, fleece infinity scarves, a tote bag...
~enjoying the light of the Advent candles each evening
~birthdays to celebrate
~hosting Christmas Eve and New Year's day dinner
~snowy winter walks & cozy fireside evenings
~and, finally, putting the finishing touches on the long-awaited farmhouse table
As soon as possible, I will be back with some details on all my gifty projects and the farmhouse table.
Tomorrow, Epiphany, I'll be taking down the tree and decorations.  Then I'll be getting ready to head south for some sun {it was -6F here last night!}...can't wait.
I hope your Christmas season was enjoyed and best wishes to you all for the New Year.


  1. Nice to hear from you again... I love your post here. I hope you can enjoy that fun in the sun.

    Biscotti:: Yours looks yummy! and you've beaten me to the punch of making some myself. It's on my "to do" list. ;)

  2. what a welcoming and cozy home you appear to have, -6 degrees you two deserve to be going south, stay safe and enjoy. I made and gave biscoti as gifts this Christmas, mine were dipped in white chocolate though...

  3. Happy New Year to you, Deb! Thanks for the beautiful photos. I just love your Christmas decorations!

  4. Love those old bowls. Its cold in south Dakota too.

  5. Happy New Year Deb!

  6. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you from Kansas! So nice to see a post from you......I have missed you! I will be looking forward to seeing info on handmade gifts and table. I bought the book, "Handbuilt Home" after seeing you mention it earlier in the year. I, too, am getting ready to build the farmhouse table. I am contemplating using old barn wood from a barn down where our farm ground is or new wood. I will be looking forward to seeing what you have done. Have a blessed and warm vacation! Gail

  7. I have enjoyed your many varieties of advent candles over the years. This one is especially charming.

  8. The home is homey and inviting. Sounds like you have been busy. Making a table? Sounds interesting. Looking forward to hearing how that went.
    Happy New Year to you and enjoy the sun..........

  9. I'm looking forward to seeing the gifts you made. Have a Happy New Year and a great trip south!

  10. Thanks so much for writing this blog. I like to stop by from time to time to see what you are up to. You have given me some great ideas and inspiration for new projects. Well we reached a low of -48 degrees C up here in Ontario. Today was the first day back to school for the kids, however, with all the snow they announced a "snow day". It will be a great day to sit in front of the fire and work on my latest knitting project. Thanks again Deb, and may you have a happy, healthy and prosperous New Year :)

  11. You are so lucky you get to head down south for some sun. I'm in northern IL and it's almost -50 with the wind chill factor today. Plenty of sun today though! Will be looking forward to seeing what you're up to in your home when you get back.

  12. So glad you had an enjoyable holiday. I loved having our sons home and spending time together. Biscotti, yummm.

    Enjoy your trip to warmer climes.

    God bless.


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