Wednesday, March 26, 2014

sewing, some color, robins...but no Spring yet

The robins have returned despite the cold and snow, as have the Canadian geese...sure signs that Spring can't be too far behind...right?  To distract myself from the near-agonizing wait for warm weather, I have been:  visiting the library for books packed with color, sewing some bags, planning some drawstring sacks, painting some furniture, and pulling out all my fabric scraps with some new pot holders in mind.
I found this knitting book at the library, Color by Kristin: How to Design Your Own Beautiful KnitsAfter months of gray outside, this book is a feast for the eyes!  The gorgeous slipper socks have been added to my things-to-knit list ~ they will be a perfect way to use up many leftover balls of wool.  I wouldn't mind making some of the beautiful pillow covers either...
What have you {Northerners} been doing while you wait for Spring?  {I'm sorry, but I know those of you in the South are probably enjoying some sunshine, flowers, and gardening, and I'm not sure I could bear to hear about it ;) ...just kidding! Please let me know what you've been doing--enjoying--making. } 
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  1. Here in Western New York State we are busy waiting (and waiting and waiting) for Spring! As I write this, it is snowing AGAIN. I've been sewing, reading and contemplating getting some cross stitch out. Also thinking about sitting on the front porch with a cool drink...

  2. Anonymous7:01 PM

    beautiful photos! I'm in Northern Ontario Canada, still many feet of snow, many days away from Robins, I enjoyed seeing yours!

  3. The robins are here too... but I have to admit they look a bit confused!! Stay warm!

  4. In NC mountains we had enough snow and ice last night to cancel classes again today at the college where I teach. By dinner time, though, it had melted away in the sunshine which was cruel because it was only 29-degrees.

    I have "encouraged" forsythia inside to feel like spring might come this year. And, I have watched the robins fluff and scavenge for food. I keep repeating, "if winter is over and gone, can spring be far behind?" I hope not!

  5. I am in NW Ohio and we are also so very tired of Ole Man Winter. We set The Weather Channel's record for the 1st of the Top Ten Most Miserable Winter Cities. I for one, hope we do not break this record again any time soon.
    We also have robins and along the protected side of my house, I have Day Lilies coming up - about 1/2 in.
    I have used my time to knit up a storm (of sorts). I knitted a sweater (just need to sew together), chemo caps for adults and preemie hats for babies and 4 scarves.
    I very much look forward to your blogs and can't wait to see what you have coming up.

  6. First of all, I love reading your blog. I enjoy looking at the pictures you post and all of your projects. I also think you have excellent taste on Pinterest, which you could probably tell by the number of pins I've pinned off your boards! Ha!

    I live in Western Nebraska where we actually had a 70 degree day today! We also had a light rain, too! Whoo Hoo! I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. We have had a harsher than normal winter, so I spent my extra indoor time starting a blog and getting on Pinterest. Yeah, that will kill an hour or two! :-)

    Thanks so much for sharing your talents with all of us!

  7. Anonymous12:45 AM

    Deb....just to make you feel a bit better....i live south from the southerners....we're awaiting basket with wool waits at the chair next to the fireplace...winters are cold and dry in our parts of the woods (city)...

  8. Anonymous12:50 AM

    deb....the above empty comment is mine....and i don't know how to delete it from my apologies....i prefer to comment from my wordpress account.

  9. I live in northern IL and our weather is much like yours right now. I finally saw my first robin just yesterday - by a snow pile in my yard! Today is a bit warmer (in the 30's - sad that we say that's warmer) and rainy, so I'm hoping the rain melts the last of the snow on the ground. I've been working on decluttering my basement. Never a fun project, but needs to be done. And what better time when the weather is yucky, right?

  10. We too are waiting for Spring here in the UK, a couple of weeks back it arrived, so warm we could sit in the garden. Now its back to being pretty chilly. Your photos are lovely :)

  11. Here in Northeast-Central PA our snow is finally gone, but you know what that means...mud! Not complaining, though. I'm working on some crochet, putting together a 1000 piece butterfly puzzle that I'm planning on gluing and using for art on the wall and hoping to do some spring sewing. I always enjoy your photos. They never fail to inspire. BTW, I am loving the knit dry mop covers... they work very, very well. You have a wonderful shop! Have a great day and I look forward to seeing your projects!

    1. Yes, today's sunshine and warmer temps is sure to bring us plenty of mud--I'm looking forward to it only because it means and end to winter. Glad you're enjoying the mop covers--I really must make some more for myself :)


    If you like Kristin's book, you'll like her blog!

  13. What have I been doing while waiting for spring? Well along with praying for nicer weather, I have been trying to get some pieces sewn for my spring and summer wardrobe. Also doing some spool knitting using up yarn that for many years just sat in my stash after a rash of afghan knitting.

    As you say, the geese and robins are coming back so hopefully spring will be here soon.

    God bless.

  14. I love the consistency of your blog - calming and inspirational - a fun place to visit.


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