Friday, November 21, 2014

ottoman makeover

This ottoman was once an old desk, whose drawer was completely missing.  We removed the legs and used just the top desk part, which I padded with batting.  We added some new shorter legs, and I made a cover out of unbleached osnaburg on to which I painted some red stripes.  You might remember seeing it here in my workroom where I used it to sit at the sewing machine.
In the parsonage we're now renting, I've put the ottoman next to the bay window near the back door--it's a handy place to sit and put on our boots.  It's also Miss Fluffy's favorite perch for keeping an eye on the grounds, and as soon as a cat, squirrel(s), neighbor's dog, or blowing leaf is spotted she can sound the alarm.  I wanted a sturdier fabric to cover the ottoman, something that would hold up to some abuse, and while in Walmart last week saw just the thing. When I saw these black and white cotton accent rugs, I knew they would be perfect.  
I used one rug to cover the top and short sides and cut up the second rug for the two long sides. A little bit of cutting and sewing and I soon had a new slipcover. I made sure to overcast any cut edges as they were very quick to unravel; I have already had it through the wash {despite the warning on the label not to machine wash} and it came out just fine--there was a bit of fading which gives it a nice {I think} aged effect.  
And, Miss Fluffy approves.


  1. I do love the black and white design!! Good work.

    God bless.

  2. Hello Deb, your new Home (rented I know) looks lovely, building your own home next year is amazing! love what you have done with this house, looking forward to seeing more. Hope you get some Christmas baking done. Claire

  3. Love that fabric! Looks fantastic!

  4. I adore your little ottoman redo. I love when you find new uses for everyday things...I tried to find those little throw rugs on I loved the design so much. Great Job, you always inspire me...blessings-Carrie


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