Wednesday, December 17, 2014

A knitted cowl

Recently many of you commented on homemade gifts which you are making for Christmas. There were many great ideas-- jars of homemade cocoa, boot cuffs, cowls, dishcloths, gloves, an afghan, potholders,  hats, and scarves. 
Since I finished up with the hat I was knitting, except for the pom pom on top, I decided to knit a cowl to go along with it. I picked up some Bernat Roving wool with one of my 40 percent off coupons, and one skein worked perfectly for the Grace Jones cowl pattern that I used.  I'll be sure to get some pictures of both finished, if the sun ever decides to pop out again.
I would often agree with Kathleen Grace who said,  "I think handmade gifts are the best."


  1. I enjoy your blog and the photography is great! Maybe someday I will get a decent camera :).

  2. I spy EZ's Almanac. Here is a giggle for you: I use it sometimes but I have to change the months, so right now I wouldn't knit a December project, I'd knit a June one.

  3. That's very cute! I like the pattern!

  4. I bet sitting down to knit feels so comforting
    after all the hubbub of packing and moving . . .

  5. Wonderful cowl! So true, handmade gifts are the best! :)

  6. hee hee.....i'm in that----i think there is time for ONE more handknit ( fill in the blank ). So far, so good!!!!!

  7. Handmade gifts are the best!! Love the colour of the roving......

  8. Hi Debbie! I always love to see what you're up to making. Beautiful cowl and I agree that homemade gifts are truly from the heart.
    Happy New Year!


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