Wednesday, April 08, 2015

Easter, rum cake, and sewing projects...

I hope your Easter was good.  A new tradition here is a holiday tablecloth that I started last year--everyone signs their name and maybe even adds a comment or drawing, which I later embroider.  I hadn't actually done any stitching however, so last week I pulled it out, selected a palette of embroidery flosses and got caught up.  Sunday we added a new section of memories and had fun looking back at what we wrote in 2014.
For our gathering, I made a ham dinner.  For dessert, I thought about making a lamb cake, but since the lamb mold is somewhere in storage limbo, I decided to try a rum cake instead.  I wanted it to be from scratch, and so I used this recipe for the vanilla pudding mix.  It turned out moist and delicious, and I'm enjoying the leftovers with a cup of tea.

This week I've pulled out the patchwork I pieced for the baby quilt, made a quilt sandwich with cotton batting and a blue & white dotted flannel backing, basted with pins, and started to quilt.
After going back and forth as to whether I should machine or hand quilt, I decided to hand quilt using perle cotton.  The larger stitches are going fairly quick, and I'm really enjoying that time in the evening when I can sit down and stitch away.

Some new bags for the Shop are also coming together; the latest
is this striped shoulder bag using an Indian-style striped blanket and recycled belts.

For today, a flour sack tote is in the back to work,



  1. I absolutely adore the tablecloth idea!! Since every celebration at our house is so special and time is so fleeting (my parents who live next door and are a part of everything in our life are almost 90 and 85), you make me want to take up this tradition even though I don't really sew anymore or embroider (never tried that). Anyway, it's a really lovely idea. Did you just use a plain cloth tablecloth?

    You're involved in some wonderful projects. Happy Spring.
    Linda in Central Illinois, where it's presently very warm and humid with storms on the way.

    1. Thank you Linda! I ended up using a plain cotton dropcloth for this, but any plain tablecloth would certainly work I think. I am just using a simple back stitch for the embroidery--if you do a google search for back stitch tutorials, several good ones come up.

  2. I'm glad you decided to hand quilt. It really is so relaxing - isn't it? And the tablecloth idea - I love it.

  3. Love the bag. The colours and the recycled belts just seem to go together very well.

    Quick question. How far apart to you place your pins for your quilts? I am not sure I am doing mine right.

    God bless.

  4. The fabrics in the baby quilt are dear. I've been wanting a recipe for pudding mix... I'm so glad to have one now. Have you found any for a dry jello mix?

  5. Debbie - your blog was one of the very first ones I began reading. I have enjoyed following you over the years and always find a sense of peace when I visit here. Thanks.


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