Monday, May 04, 2015

making a rental a home...

It's hard to believe it's already been 7 months since we sold our home and farm and moved into a rental.  Reader Melissa inquired about the kitchen here, so today is the tour.  
The parsonage we are renting was built around the 1930's--though much of the house is original, the kitchen was updated at some point.  The appliances were all included and there is a lot of cupboard space.
Though many of our things are still packed up in storage, I did bring some of my favorites, like my ironstone and vintage silver, to make it seem more like home.

There is a sunroom adjoining the kitchen, which receives lots of light from the wall of windows and skylights.  My plants love it in does Fluffy, who always manages to find the most comfortable spot for a nap...

The chimney cupboard holds all my cookbooks, the bread board hanging was made by my late father-in-law, and the two copper pots were recently found at a yard sale for a few dollars...

The chalk board was a flea market find, and I rely on it for keeping my shopping list.  My father-in-law found the butcher block long ago beside the road; it was cleaned up and eventually passed on to us...

Through the archway is the dining room, and the door on the right leads upstairs...

So there you have it! Though I can't wait to get our new house built, I am so thankful for this temporary home.

 Our building plans are moving along and we hope to have a starting date very soon.  Weekends now are busy spent looking for some unique materials, and I am having a lot of fun poking around the salvage store warehouse.  
I do hope you'll stop back as I document our adventure,



  1. That all looks very lovely. I enjoyed the tour! : )

  2. I think it looks so homey! ...and the sun room is inspirational too!
    You take beautiful photos.

  3. You certainly know how to make any place feel like home. I don't even live there and it says, "come in and stay a while". :)

    1. I ditto this comment! :)

      Lovely home - and lovely heart!!

  4. You've created a warm, welcoming home - so cozy. I can't wait to follow your building adventure.

  5. Love your kitchen. I can't imagine someone throwing that beautiful butcher block away but so happy it now has a loving home. Looking forward to the new home construction. I know it will be lovely.

  6. This looks like you've still made it your own even if you'll only be there a while. It must be so exciting building a new home. Very jealous indeed.

  7. I have to agree with all the other've created a temporary home that is lovely.You will be very busy for the spring and summer! Thank you for sharing.

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  9. My husband and I are in a temporary living situation and your post has encouraged me to still make it home. Beautiful pictures!

  10. I love all your own touches. It looks very welcoming.

  11. Wow, your cupboards are the same design as mine. Love the little touches you did to make it your home.

    God bless.

  12. WOW, your amazing touches have made the rental house a home. Looking forward to seeing the new home built.

  13. It is a very beautiful home. You've done great things with it. By the way, if you want your sidebar to stop jiggling, put your GFC widget at the bottom of the page. Only things below it jiggle. It did that on my blog, too.

    Laura of Harvest Lane Cottage

  14. I see the dog has his own room, LOL. He looks very comfy.


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