Friday, June 05, 2015

flea market treasure

After a long, cold winter, Memorial Day weekend is a great time to get out 
and hit the yard sales and flea markets.
I was able to stock back up on some vintage fabrics including
this heavy, blue striped ticking and some floral quilting fabrics...

Also found a grain sack with some cows 
that seem to have a slightly startled expression...

I am always happy to find some barkcloth,
which is perfect for making vintage floral and leather shoulder bags.

Large clay pots always come in handy--this one I found, 
has been planted with a cherry tomato.
{Since moving, I am really missing my gardens!!}

I grabbed this old funnel with the idea of making a pendant idea at
the time as to where I would use it,
then I had a thought--a potting shed. It would be perfect lighting
for a little potting shed on our new may be some
time though before a potting shed happens, with our house yet to be built.

Some antlers we found,
always displayed up high, safe from pups who think they would 
make perfect chewing material.

And, this little blue-green plant stand.  The paint is in rough condition, so I just
sanded it down and cleaned it up 
until I can decide whether it needs repainting???

Hope your weekend is a good one,



  1. what treasures!!!

  2. Hi, Deb,
    Actually the "grain sack" is printed yardage from about 25 years ago. Much better base fabric than a grain sack base.

  3. You found some lovely treasures Deb. I think using the funnel for lighting in a garden/potting shed is a great idea.

    God bless.

  4. Hi Deb ~ Love the fabric, so pretty. I also like the idea of using the funnel as a light fixture - anywhere - but great in a green house/garden shed.
    Mary Lea

  5. Great treasures! We have the same taste...I would have picked all those things too had I seen them!

  6. A bunch of wonderful finds!
    I know you'll work that fabric into wonderful bags.
    May your tomato bless you with lots of juicy fruit!

  7. Great treasures!


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