Wednesday, August 12, 2015

August doings....

The Purl Bee Baby Mocs and the Little Scallops Baby Hat were finished up a couple weeks ago--baby items are such wonderfully quick knits!   I am very happy with how each turned out and am sure these patterns will be used again and again in the future. For more details, see my Ravelry page here.
{we call this baloney tongue}

We love to head to the lake, now and again, to walk the dogs and watch the sailboats as the sun sets.  The dogs get so excited because they love to jump in and take a swim.  

Our favorite artisan ice cream place is located right across from the canal, so it's nice to take a walk around the locks after indulging on a sundae or cone...

This summer I was so excited to find an old striped ticking pillow case as I knew it would be perfect for a tote.  I just finished this up and added it to the shop.

It has just been an unusual summer for us this year--renting still feels strange and not having a vegetable garden or chickens to tend feels stranger still.  On a happy note, our oldest just became engaged to be married--her boyfriend proposed to her at a waterfall in Iceland {the name of which I cannot even attempt to spell} where they were vacationing...very romantic!  So we are officially planning a wedding to happen next summer.  
In the meantime, we also have a start date on our house--August 25, if all goes well...a busy time ahead for a very good way.
That's the news in my world. 
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  1. Congratulations on the engagement of you son! How exciting!

    Goodness those baby things are just beautiful. You live in a beautiful part of the world. :)


  2. I love those baby mocs and hat. And the striped tote is very fun too.

    Congrats on the engagement. I hope you get to be involved in some of the wedding planning. You'll be so good at it!

  3. Congratulations on the engagement! How exciting! Will she be living close to you after they marry?

  4. Lovely tote...I really like ticking fabric...a lucky fine.

  5. I'll be off to your Ravelry page shortly Deb, those knitted items at the top of your post are lovely.

    How exciting about your daughter's engagement! Please give them both my best wishes.

  6. Love the tote and the moc's. Both are just beautiful!!!!

    Congratulations on your daugher's engagement. How wonderful.

    God bless.

  7. Congrats for your daughter and for your cozy knit!

  8. Congrats on your daughter's engagement! ♥
    The baby items are just adorable. The tote is cute as well.

    Glad you've been enjoying life in your beautiful corner of the world.
    Kind regards,

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  10. Such exciting news! A start date on your house and a wedding to plan, wonderful.

  11. WOW! So much going on! I'm so happy for your daughter! What a beautiful place to be proposed to! Awesome! Those little booties are so adorable!!!

  12. Those baby booties are precious! Now if I only knew how to use dpn's! But they and my hands do not agree!

    Linda in VA

  13. I love your baby items. Sounds like you will have some "busy times" in your future. What fun. Your tote is very nice.

  14. Congratulations! Fun times ahead.

  15. Oh Deb - I love that you are accomplishing so much while you are in Limbo Land, waiting on your house... The hat and booties are excruciatingly adorable! What kind of yarn did you use- cotton? Congratulations to your family - such an exciting time with new members coming in! Love the tote and the doggy too. --Vicki K.

  16. I love these baby mocs and hat, beautiful!


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