Friday, September 11, 2015

feeling thankful...

Mid-morning tea with some blueberry buckle--a long time favorite recipe!

I cannot resist 'free' stuff, such as this perfectly good door ~ with some more scraping and sanding
and finishing, it will find a place in our new laundry room

A beautiful end-of-day sky while out for a walk with the dog.

We have a foundation, rough grade, septic system and the beginning of the
garage walls.  We're presently in a brief lull as our framer is on vacation for a week.

An amazing old oak tree on our walk through the wooded trails.

Beautiful goldenrod!

Checking out a nearby lake at sunset as a possible spot for kayaking.

I am just soaking up these late summer days.  After unseasonably hot weather for us, the nights have cooled off and an extra blanket is kept within reach at bedtime.  I am still shopping for lighting and faucets and am trying to come up with a unique cabinet for the pantry.  And, there's still the question of what floorings to use in the bathrooms...

But more importantly, I am counting my blessings today, this September 11, and remembering the lives lost 14 years ago.  


  1. Lovely post. Yes, counting our blessings while soberly remembering the lives lost. So glad to hear of the progress on your place.

  2. yes a day of such tragedy.....I remember watching across the seas in utter horror...

    Your free door looks great! We too love free stuff! Its amazing what people will give away, or sell on for cheap. I love each peacie comes with a story behind it too.


  3. Counting with you. We are truly blessed. We were flying to Pennsylvania on 9/11. A day we'll never, ever forget for so many reasons.
    Your beautiful pictures make me just a tad homesick for Upstate NY.

  4. Pleased to see a little of the house, making slow progress in the right direction. Looking forward to seeing more.

  5. Anonymous3:49 PM

    So true, 9/11. We should always remember those lives lost (and those still suffering).
    Glad to see your new house taking shape. Beautiful area! AndreaC (formerly bees and buttercups.)

  6. My it is so beautiful were you live. Lucky girl xox Clarice


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