Monday, April 25, 2016

Nature notes...

We are sincerely hoping to have seen the last of the snow.  Walking daily through the fields and woods with my trusty companion, little signs of Spring are beginning to appear, like lots of birdsong, spring peepers, mayapples, and...

Trout Lily or Dog's-tooth violet...These just started to bloom in the narrow strip of woods at the west edge of our property.  The ground in the woods is carpeted with the beautiful mottled leaves.  Naturalist, James Burroughs, named it Trout Lily as it is a member of the Lily Family and comes into bloom at the start of trout season. Their appearance is an encouraging sign that Spring has arrived here.

The dandelion is another one of the first flowers to make an appearance here.  According to An introduction to nature: Birds, wild flowers, trees "It is found in all inhabited regions of the earth.  ...but, because it is so widespread and so abundant, its beauty is overlooked."  

Leaves on the underbrush are starting to open.

One of several rock piles that are bound to be found along the edges of farmers' fields.

This strip of woods was once the edge of a cow pasture, and many of the trees were used to support the barbed wire fencing.  This interesting, rotted trunk was the corner of the pasture, and I can still tell where the fencing was once attached...

Along the ground, some of the barbed wire still remains...

I can hardly wait until the trees have their leaves!



  1. Hopeful signs of spring! I saw my first dandelion and first white violet today!

  2. The trees are budding like crazy here, but the forecast is calling for a bit of snow tonight. I wonder at times if spring will ever arrive.

    God bless.

  3. "Oh, the green things growing"! What a lovely piece of property you still have out in the country.

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  5. It's fun to see Spring coming all over again. You're a bit behind us - but I'm so glad it's on it's way to you. Doesn't it make the heart glad?


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