Thursday, May 25, 2006

Corners of my Home

This week's 'corner' is the dining room. My sewing machine and related stuff are gone; I've washed down the furniture and woodwork and steam cleaned the carpet. A whole drawer was freed up for linens that now have a lovely lavender scent.

This is a stained glass window that came from an older house we used to own. We still have not figured out what the yellow mound and green pyramid shape are supposed to symbolize?

The plate shelf unit was made by my father-in-law who was a wonderful carpenter. On it I keep my Wedgewood 'Hedge Rose' plates, which I found at a tag sale. The dresser came from a garage sale and holds linens and silverware.
A close up of some of the needlepoint-most from flea markets-that I have made into pillows.
I love this oak table because it once belonged to nuns, who had a beautiful retreat on the lake. It was auctioned off when the retreat was closed. The 'pointy' valence was made from old linen damask tablecloths. My corner cabinet and pitchers were mentioned here. The only items in the room purchased new are the wicker chairs.
A couple more needlepoint pillows...

Now that I have cleared out my sewing stuff, my 'artist' daughter has been using this spot for drawing and watercolors. It has good light, and at least they look much nicer there than my clutter did!


  1. I know I keep repeating myself. But I LOVE your home. I really love your dinning room. It is so soft and peaceful. I also lobe you needlepoint pillows !! Thank you for sharing. Clarice

  2. Debbie, I really love the cardinal needlepoint pillow! Of course, I love everything you post. Your home is so charming. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Oh, your needlepoint pillows with flowers looks so lovely. And I really like the white dresser and corner cabinet too. Very charming dinning room.

  4. Your things are so pretty and lovely. If only I had such taste!lol.

  5. I marvel at how beautifully a home can be made with second-hand wares. I love your style Debbie it's always a pleasure to visit here.

  6. This is really a nice room! You have a talent! The glass is so pretty. You should try & find out the history of it.

  7. Just beautiful!! It looks like a picture from my romantic homes magazine! I love the corner cupboard and the pillows are sweet. Cardinals are my favorite bird.
    You did a wonderful job.

  8. Your dining room is just lovely!

  9. love the pillows, very smart and beautiful!


  10. What a cozy dining room! Thanks for sharing with us!

  11. What a beautiful home you have!

  12. Just beautiful. I hope you won't mind if I add you to my links.

  13. Robin7:16 AM

    I just discovered your blog and may I say you have a beautiful home!


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