Monday, July 06, 2009

thrifty treasures

July already! It's been mostly sunny and not too hot--usually comfortable temps in the 70's. We have had quite a few passing showers over the days, but it isn't long before the sun pops out and we have blue skies.
Sunday was a perfect day to take a drive to one of my favorite flea markets. We also stopped in a beautiful little town to visit a couple antique shops and enjoyed the best-ever chocolate milkshakes.
It was a wonderful day, and I was quite happy to return home with some thrifty treasures...
...a cotton string bag,

...a great little picnic basket. I am already trying to plan a special outing just to use it...a bike ride along the canal towpath or maybe a trip to the lighthouse on the lake??

...4 doilies {some on sale for $1, no less} and some beautiful old lace.

...a table runner and a couple embroidered towels--love that one with the basket!!

...a metal garden table, just what we needed for our deck,

...and my most favorite find of all--this amazing vintage basket, the color of which immediately caught my eye. It's owner had originally purchased it in the Hudson Valley for {to me} a large sum of money--my heart sunk, knowing it would probably be too expensive. I asked her price anyway, hating to let it go--when she said $5, well, it was one of those happy flea market moments!
At almost a foot deep and as much across, it is perfect for my new crochet project which I can't wait to show you soon!


  1. I love the colour of that basket!!

  2. I just love all the things you found and what a good price for the basket.
    Looking forward to seeing your project!

  3. I looove your basket. Sounds like you had a lovely day thrifting. I love a good chocolate milkshake too.

  4. Ooh, I love your goodies!

  5. I'm in love with both of your baskets! And, I just love how all of your finds always fit in so perfectly to your home.

  6. Great finds, Deb!!
    Hey....we have our trellis clothesline up! Thanks again for the inspiration.
    (We are planning to paint the framing at some point. We used recycled white lattice)

  7. Deb....super finds. Loved the linens and faves! Can't wait to see what you're crocheting.


  8. Oh Deb!

    What wonderful finds! I too love that vintage colored basket and the linens are beautiful! Thanks for sharing and have a wonderful day!


  9. What lovely finds I think I might be a little jealous!

  10. What great finds! The lace is beautiful.

  11. I love the title - it caught me right away!

  12. What beautiful things. I found an old quilt in good condition at an antique show. I asked the price expecting it to be quite a bit and the lady said $10.00. I said are you sure only $10.00 and she said do you want to pay more?

  13. Deb, you got some lovely treasures on your flea market trip. While the basket is beautiful, I think my favorites are the embroidered towels and that table runner.

    God bless.

  14. Hooray for milkshakes, and flea markets! Your blog is just my speed!

  15. Hi, i just had to comment when I read of your summer temps...70's...
    sounds delightful! I live in Texas ans we have been in the high 90's to 100's for a few weeks now.
    Makes for some very uncomfortable weather and steals the joy from treasure seeking. Your finds are wonderful. I loved seeing them. Thanks for sharing and God bless....Shelley

  16. Oh, you've done well. I need to go thrifting with a real pro sometime. I need someone to train my eyes and teach me prices and hold my hand through it : )! Then maybe I can be a thrifter too!

  17. I look forward to seeing your new crochet project. Your creativity is always an inspiration.

  18. What lucky finds, the basket is gorgeous and so useful!

  19. What wonderful finds! Love the picnic basket.

    Gosh, I'm so happy to have found your blog..where in NY do you live..we may be fairly close..I'm in Southern VT.


  20. I love all your great finds. Such wonderful treasures.

  21. Doreen,
    I'm in Western NY. I traveled through Vermont once on vacation and just loved it!
    Glad you stopped by,

  22. Wow! I love all of the treasures that you found. The picnic basket is great. I especially like the doilies and embroidered items. Beautiful.

    Thanks for sharing,

  23. Anonymous3:16 AM

    Superb finds Deb! Well done.

    I had my best day thrifting for a long time on Sunday. Like you, I had many happy flea market moments!


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