Thursday, March 23, 2006

Corners of my home...

This is an area in my kitchen--I almost didn't post this because looking at the picture suddenly made me realize it looks ...cluttered? too much stuff? ...but this is what it looks like, so here it is. The wall cabinet was $7 at a yard sale long ago, and is filled with vintage mixing bowls and a ceramic canister set. The table/sideboard? is old and the black paint has a great crackly patina. On the bottom shelf I have an old egg scale and kitchen scale. And, of course, some chicken prints and a ceramic rooster in honor of our hens, who provide us with lots of eggs.

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  1. I really like great big old tables like yours. I can't believe you think your kitchen looks's probably best that you not see mine then!
    Your new bag is lovely made with that old vintage fabric.


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