Thursday, October 14, 2010

perfect Fall days

Indian Summer arrived last week and chased
away the chilly damp rainy days that
we had been having. 
Perfect weather for getting out to
the garden and bringing in anything
still remaining... zinnias, string beans, peppers
and leeks.
And the rest of the birdhouse gourds,
which did so well this year, I'm
not sure what I will do with them all.
This is just a small sampling
of the many I have hauled in from the garden...
I found some instructions at the Old Fashioned Living
website for drying the gourds and making bird houses.
And, there's a how-to for making painted bowls
from the gourds Here.

The pumpkin crop was not good this year,
but thankfully I did end up with two
Cinderella pumpkins, grown from the seeds
that Niki {Rural Writings} so kindly sent me.

The rose bushes are putting on a late season show,
and the fall colors are amazing...

...perfect for enjoying a walk/drive in the country.

~ Deb


  1. Oh lucky lucky you. The only thing I grew were weeds and it's difficult to find craft projects for those!

  2. Love the sweater and thanks for sharing the gourd bowl craft idea. I've been thinking of trying that. I also had a bountiful gourd harvest..can't wait for the vines to die! I have some dried gourds that a friend grew...but I can't wait to get my own dried.

  3. Pretty day, isn't it?

    My Grandma used the gourds for drinking, too! She didn't shellac those, but she did the birdhouses. They make a wonderful sound, too!


  4. Lovely Cinderella pumpkin :) happy to hear that you did end up with a couple, anyway.

  5. how lovely, thanks for sharing x

  6. Love your pictures. I miss the Ohio falls. It is very different here in south Texas. But we are getting some color now.

    Have a blessed day.

  7. Have fun with your gourds. It has been a great year for late gardening here also. Enjoy the fall days.

  8. Beautiful Post About Fall :)

  9. Beautiful, and that rose is gorgeous!

  10. I hope you were able to get the garden items in before the frost this week.

  11. Lovely just peaceful. The sweater is gorgeous!

  12. I love the Cinderella pumpkin. Fall really is beautiful in your neck of the woods...glad you are enjoying it!

  13. I had the opposite experience - lots of pumpkins and not one of my gourd seeds amounted to anything (birdhouse and snake) Last year an early frost got them!
    I'm glad to see yours, and how big they are! Enjoy them.


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