Sunday, October 17, 2010

reading {and cooking with} Wren Bay

It was my privilege recently to read
Wren Bay: the story of making a home,
written by one of my earliest 'blog friends',
Clarice of Storybook Woods.

Not only is Clarice a writer, she is also an amazing cook,
homemaker, crafter, and homeschooling mom of two lovely daughters.
Clarice has taken these interests and woven them into a romantic story
about a young newlywed named Wren Bay, whose husband
has been called to war.

"Wren is determined to use this time of separation from her husband, Devlin, to learn how to take this amazing, old stone house and turn it into a home. She will learn how to use all she has been gifted with and make the most of it."  StoryBook Woods May 24/2010

Best of all, each chapter contains a mouth-watering recipe.
Before I had even finished the book,
I was in the kitchen fixing the likes of
Caraway Stuffed Pork Chops
Roasted Apple Sausages & Rosemary Potatoes
Overnight Oat Cakes
Gateau Noix au Chocolat

My family loved them all!

And, I cannot wait to gather apples and make the
Oven Roasted Vanilla Apple Sauce.

The first chapter of Wren Bay: the making of a home
can be read here and the book can be ordered right here.



  1. It is an amazing book! Clarice is a talented woman... Just wish I lived closer to have a little bit with her and visit!

  2. Clarice was one of my earliest blog fiends too. She was an amazing help to me as I struggled to get my blog up and running. I had the opportunity to visit her and her girls two summers ago in their fairy tale cottage. It is very easy to see how Wren was born from Clarice and her environment and her talent.

  3. Akk I am sooo loopy from the book signing party this weekend I thought I had commented and now I see I have not. How rude!! Oh Deb you and I go way back. You are one of my first blogs I found, one of the first homes I coveted (and still do, I want you to adopt me) and one of my first blogging friends. It is funny it feel like yesterday yet so much has happened since we first meet. I knew right away you were a kindred spirit. I am thrilled Wren has made you want to cook, I was hoping she would. Thank you for the kind words and support. Love Clarice

  4. I agree...Clarice is a talented treasure and a wonderful soul. I too enjoyed the recipes and atmosphere of WREN !!!

  5. I like your blog, is interesting.

  6. It is an amazing book! Clarice is a talented woman... Just wish I lived closer to have a little bit with her and visit!


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