Monday, November 08, 2010

Autumn weekend

After a couple days of rain, it was so
nice to get out this weekend and, after
feeding the cats and gathering eggs,
take a walk in the sunshine...

::foxgloves still blooming despite the frost

::the last of the roses

::burning bush berries

::Queen Anne's Lace skeleton

::plenty of wood to keep us warm & cozy

::the rustling & crunching of leaves underfoot

::gorgeous green moss

::oak leaves that seem to be the last
to fall


and Duncan,
always ready for some attention.
I also finished
up a knitting project which is blocking
right now,
and I've been stitching away
on some new pouches for the shop.
Hope your weekend was good!


  1. Oh how I have a crush on Duncan! He's so completly sweet (my girls think so too)

  2. such lovely photos x


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