Tuesday, November 09, 2010

decreasing rib capelet

This cozy wool capelet was perfect
for running errands on this
chilly Autumn day.
It's been sitting in my knitting
basket for a couple months
just waiting to be cast off
my needles...so glad it's
finally done!
Decreasing Rib Capelet by Amber Daniels
Yarn: Deluxe Chunky 100% wool
1.5 skeins
Needles:  10.5 US
More details on my Ravelry page.


  1. Adorable! My grandmother spent most of a summer trying to teach me to knit, bless her heart! I still don't get it.

  2. Being a knitter and a lover of horses, I have so enjoyed reading your blog.

    I love your capelet; great color......and the summer cardigan you did was great too.....

    I have two blogs and most of my knitting and horse stories are on
    www.butterflyatwork.blogspot.com but some knitting is on this one..
    I'd love for you to come over for a visit.....

  3. Oh my gosh!!Adorable!!Just what I need to add to my wardrobe! I am going to ask for the yarn for christmas!!

  4. It's so beautiful! You are so talented!

  5. Your caplet is really pretty. Great color.

  6. Wow Deb, the capelet is just what my daughter has seen in a shop and wanted me to knit, thanks for the link she will be thrilled, and yours is lovely in blue, well done


  7. Anonymous5:53 AM

    I love it!, nice length too - wont get your arms all in a knot ;o) Think I'm going to have to knit this one up.

  8. How cute! Love it :)

  9. I enjoy your knitting posts....and maybe someday, I might even have one myself!

  10. awesome... are you ever going to sell them online?

  11. Fabulously cozy looking! I might need to add that to my lengthy mental list of knitting projects. You're inspiring!

  12. Deb, your capelet is wonderful. I may have to knit one xoxo Clarice


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