Wednesday, March 30, 2011

totes from military gear

Shop Update:  A couple new bags in the shop today,
both made of canvas from an old military
duffel bag, with supple cowhide leather
Utilitarian and full of character...

Coming Soon: some more feedsack totes.

~ deb


  1. Hulda Lyngmo1:03 PM

    The purse look great! I like the look of it. The canvas are great!

  2. Hulda Lyngmo1:04 PM

    my adress:

  3. Carla1:26 PM

    I love it! My hubby is a marine. Those are Sea Bags! =)

  4. Jesusbmylight8:40 PM

    Wow, lovely! Great job!

  5. nancy1:13 AM

    Lovely, simply lovely.

  6. Heather4:06 AM

    Hi Deb, I am a HUGE fan of your bags!!! There's a specific one that I LOVE, but none are available. Do you take orders? If so, how do I go about doing that?

  7. Nice blog. I hope to you well and may the good Lord bless you as you walk closely with Him! Laura

  8. Very cool...I love it :)

  9. For a minute, my computer showed that you had switched your Comments over to Blogger! I don't know how, but I was so happy and clicked on a few people's names and instantly was able to read their blogs. When I went back to your blog a few minutes later, it had reverted to Disqus :( and I couldn't access anyone's blogs. Is it complicated to switch to Blogger? Rhonda Jean at down to earth is on Blogger (how I found your wonderful blog sometime ago) and she's able to comment after people's comments if that's your concern. I hope you can!

  10. Becca4:51 AM

    I'm the same person as 'Becca' who commented previously re Disqus. Love your blog either way!

  11. Linda Kelley11:11 AM

    Very cute! Love the bags and I'm not even a bag person. :)

  12. Ottermei9:57 PM

    I love these! I've seen several things recycled from military bags, and they all are so wonderful. Men's jackets and women's bags; I really want one. So full of history.

  13. Thank you Laura!

  14. It is possible for readers to leave their website link when commenting with disqus. I will have to encourage everyone to do that...Thanks Becca.

  15. Thank you Linda!


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