Tuesday, April 12, 2011

weekend gardening

It was a glorious weekend with warmth and sunshine
for which we have waited a long time!
Note the green grass...not a speck
of snow left.
It was so good to get outdoors...I didn't even
mind cleaning the henhouse.
I also planted 10 new strawberry plants.
The old ones being replaced were tossed to
the hens, who had a field day rutting around
in them.  I also tossed them a couple
worms, which immediately caused a small riot
as they pushed and pecked each other to get a taste
of one.  The term 'ladies' really cannot
be used with these girls! 
Flower beds were cleaned out as well,
and I planted a floribunda rose bush
called Angel Face.
Now I can get started on my beautiful new
garden journal made and gifted to me
by my friend Claire.
I have also been spending time in my workroom
spring cleaning and making some changes;
I'll have some pictures soon!



  1. Riverbendfarm073:34 PM

    You're way ahead of me. I haven't even weeded my garden area from last year! I bought some tomato plants today to get me motivated. It's been terribly hot and very dry here in Texas. You post is encouraging.

  2. Karenbudnick4:08 PM

    Love your new bags - they look like they'd take a lot of abuse and stay stylish!

  3. Thecountryblossom~Katy4:10 PM

    I love it all! :) You're right, too, we couldn't call my girls "ladies" either...they aren't very lady-like at all! ;) Hope you are enjoying your week! (and I Love your journal!)

    Katy :)

  4. Sheryl4:31 PM

    sounds like you had a lovely weekend in the garden,and the girls look very happy scratching around

  5. Jeannette5:59 PM

    Hi Deb! I found your blog this weekend and have spent my spare time going through all your posts back to the first! I feel like I have just read a wonderful country living book!! You've inspired me to finish my knitting projects, dust off my sewing machine and set up a baking center!!! I will be forwarding your rhubarb muffin recipe to my MIL in upstate NY - she loves ruhbarb! I look forward to your next post and all your beautiful projects! I've had a very difficult couple weeks and your wonderful blog brought peace and relaxation! Thank you - Sincerely Jeannette

  6. Spring has sprung for you, how nice! Here on the other end of the world the skies are very blue with golden sunshine and -- what I call -- cool temperatures.

    It sounds like your girls should be referred to by the Aussie term -- chooks. :)

  7. Rhonda10:58 PM

    I enjoyed your post, enjoyed the chicken photos! Sounds like you've got good plans going. :)

  8. Patti5:11 AM

    Doesn't spring feel gloriously wonderful this year? In PA we are having a very wet one and it's been difficult to start gardening. I enjoy seeing your chickens. Have a fun time with your new garden journal!

  9. StorybookWoods10:10 AM

    It is that time of year here. We are having sun, no warmth but still sun is nice xoxox Clarice

  10. Being a tender of my own flock, I can relate to your comment how "ladies" may not be the right term, indeed. Got a chuckle over that one!

  11. Vicki K11:56 AM

    Great journal! I love the hen stories and I always get vicarious pleasure and inspiration from your cleaning and rearranging...

  12. My vegetable gardens are still much too wet to get in to yet, but I'm already looking forward to planting.

  13. Anastasia2:41 PM

    It's funny cause people in Vegas are getting away from the hot weather to the mountains where it is still snowing, and you guys are happy to get rid of snow. I love snow, and I love spring! I am a bit jelous for all that fun! :)

  14. Thanks Katy! What sort of chickens do you have?

  15. Sheryl, thanks for stopping by!

  16. Thanks for the kindest of words! I'm so glad you enjoyed your visit, and I hope the difficult days are behind you, Deb

  17. You know, I never knew of the term chooks until Rhonda mentioned it on her blog :)
    Thanks for coming by!!

  18. Thank you Rhonda!

  19. Yes, my vegetable gardens are still much too wet to get in to. The flower beds around the house aren't bad though.

  20. I hope you have warm temps soon!

  21. Thanks for visiting Melissa!


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