Thursday, May 19, 2011

making the best of rainy days

The sunshine did not last long--only enough for
us to desperately catch up on the lawn mowing and weeding
and to think perhaps summer had arrived.
But just as well, the gloomy days have forced
me to keep at the sewing machine and
work on some more recycled coffee sack
and military duffel totes for the shop.
{Old glass insulators and sad irons work
great for holding fabric in place, by the way :)
And, here and there, I've fit in a tiny
bit of crocheting of granny squares...

The best part is seeing it
all come together.



  1. Brenda6:10 PM

    I love the mix of colours in the granny squares! 

  2. Thank you Brenda!

  3. nhsarab9:27 PM

    Nice way to spend a rainy day...we've been having those kind of days here too.

  4. Rhonda10:25 PM

     I like your granny squares!   I like the colors!  :)

  5. Karla Neese10:17 AM

     The colors are so great. I need to learn to do this!

  6. Storybookwoods11:45 AM

    Pretty, this is how my mother spends her rainy days!! Clarice 

  7. rainy days here too.  I was so hoping my littles would BOTH nap today - so that I could hit the sewing machine too.


    I'm settling to down another hot cup of coffee and catch up on some missed reading. ;) 

  8. Claire Slade5:34 AM

    Deb, I love the Granny squares, the colours look great together, your cushion in your previous post was beautiful.  Well Francesca has flowen off to Italy today with a little piece of you with her, your small ''hedgehog'' purse sent as a gift to me, I have graciously lent to her to store small things for the journey. Claire 

  9. I love the colors you used.

    I recently learned how to crochet, and it has definitely come in handy during all of these rainy, dreary days we have been having.

  10. I feel your pain of the crummy weather!  I still haven't tilled my veggie garden yet and now it is so overgrown, i think I am just going to dump 5" of mulch over the top of it (with a nice layer of manure under the mulch) this year and give it a rest.  Guess I will be doing patio gardening this year :(

  11. Juliekingart9:28 AM

    i love these granny "rounds" so much.  i haven't crocheted in a long time. you've inspired me to dig out the yarn!

  12. And I certainly shouldn't complain about rain when so many are suffering through much worse weather.
    Thanks for stopping by!

  13. Karla, thanks for stopping by!

  14. Thanks for the visit Clarice!

  15. Ah, I remember those napless days when my own two were little :)

  16. Thank you Claire! Best wishes to Francesca--I hope she has a wonderful time. I'm glad to purse has come in handy.

  17. Thank you for stopping by!

  18. We can't get in our veggie gardens yet either as it's so wet--I'm still holding out hope though :)

  19. Karen5:50 PM

    I love your Granny Square colors!  

  20. Nicole Owen11:01 PM

    i have just crocheted a few of these star-burst rounds, can i ask you how you put them together. i am looking for a tutorial for a 4th round join as you go. i found one but i just can understand it & it seamed only half the instructions were there.
    i really like the colours you have chosen


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