Sunday, May 22, 2011

in between raindrops

The rain stopped long enough one day
for me to get out to the gardens with
my clippers & camera.

Lady's Mantle is always bejewelled
after a rain!

Best of all, the lilac bush that didn't
flower last year has made up for it this,
it is just covered with blossoms.
Probably my most favorite scent {well, that
and lily of the valleys} in the whole garden.

Yesterday was warm and sunny, and we
crammed in as much gardening, lawn mowing, biking,
grilling, and sitting on the glider
as possible.
Today it's back to rain as usual.
Hope your weekend is sunny!



  1. Wendy1:01 PM

     Absolutely beautiful! I can only imagine how good they must smell.

  2. Your Lilac is gorgeous - ours has already finished here in Wales. Everything seems to have bloomed early this year. Wonderful photos - I love the garden after rain too but we haven't had much lately! When we were young we loved to drink the drops rain that gathered on Lady's Mantle and Lupins - we thought it was magic and we made a wish. ;o)

  3. Elaine8:18 PM

    I have a little vase on my counter filled with  lily of the valley and a few little purple violets from my mom's garden. I love to just inhale that scent.  Delightfully spicy and fresh.

  4.  Moments away from Lilly of the Valley blooming.  Best time of year.  Thanks for the beautiful photos.

  5. I am enjoying them!

  6. Thanks for sharing the story about the raindrops--it's wonderful!

  7. I haven't picked any lily of the valley yet--I really must! Thanks for the visit Elaine.

  8. Jennifer George6:10 AM

    Your flowers are beautiful.  It is coming into our wet winter where I live so all I have is bulbs coming up and daisies hanging in there.  Not quite as colourful as your garden.

    Best wishes
    Jen in Oz

  9. Beautiful photos!  I'm hoping for sunshine and Spring to warm up here in the Pacific NW!

  10. Gorgeous flowers!  Sounds like a most enjoyable day too!


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