Wednesday, May 04, 2011

a 'pretty' crocheted dishcloth

When I take a break for a cup of tea,
my hands need to be busy.
Something about Spring,
makes me turn to crochet projects:
~almost instant gratification
~and lighter cottony yarns.
I used some crochet cotton for this dishcloth,
{Size 3, 100% mercerized cotton}
and a 3.5mm hook.
To keep it simple, I just chained 36 sts,
then worked 30 rows even of double crochet,
{whatever works out to give a square shape}.
The edging is a two-row pattern~
row 1: *single crochet, chain 4* repeat.
{I just worked this at even intervals around
the perimeter of the cloth}
row 2: *single crochet in a loop of previous row,
chain 4-remove hook from that 4th stitch &
insert through the 2nd chain stitch,
then grab the 4th chain stitch and pull
through, chain 2 more
{this creates a picot-type edging},
then single crochet in next loop
from previous row* repeat around cloth.
Not the greatest directions, but gives you
an idea I hope.
I haven't tested its dishwashing abilities
yet, as I'm thinking I might
set it aside for gifting.
 And yes :)
I have been made aware that there
are some who would not appreciate such a gift...
I promise to keep that in mind ;)



  1. nhsarab1:44 PM

    Very pretty! I can't crochet...darn it.

  2. The dish cloth is very pretty. The fringe is lovely. You crochet so much better than I am able to.

  3. Carla3:46 PM

    I crocheted some wash cloths out of organic cotton this Winter and absolutely LOVE them. Mine was not as pretty as yours, but the organic cotton makes them soooo soft.

  4. Prairieflowerfarm3:52 PM

    I love the dishcloth. Very very sweet. I always like using pretty things while doing dishes by hand. I also use pretty smelling soap........mine has the fragrance of grapefruit. If you have to wash by must treat yourself! I will be making will make me feel special. Thank you for sharing with's like we already received a gift...... from YOU!
    Blessings, Linda
    Prairie Flower Farm

  5. Cheryl4:06 PM

    It's adorable. I like the white with the colorful, lacey edging. :-)

  6. Gumbolily5:02 PM

    It's always fun to catch up with you again, Deb. Great work room organizing and I like your dish cloth crochet. Still chilly here, but the weekend promises to be WARM. Yay!


  7. Sheryl5:23 PM

    Deb i think it is a great idea and it looks great in the kitchen,well done

  8. Lifeinredshoes6:02 PM

    I always keep a basket of yarn by my side, and have dozens of dishcloths to prove it!
    I haven't tried the cotton thread, just yarn, but now I can't wait. Thank you so much for sharing:)

  9. connie9:53 PM

    hi deb....just lovely. i'm addicted to knitting dishcloths for myself and everyone else! i FINALLY got around to making your waffle dishcloth pattern a couple months ago. it turned out beautifully and now my mom is using the pattern. thanks so much for all you share.

  10. Claire Slade12:17 AM

    I can't imagine who wouldn't appreciate such a lovely handmade gift, deb it's very pretty, and looks just right where it's pictured.

  11. Brenda12:25 AM

    Why would anyone lot love this as a gift? I think it is beautiful xxBrenda

  12. Oh great...all your fault I have to go out and get some yarn to crochet up this little glory. I just guess I'll have to "suffer" for the cause ;-)

  13. Beautiful!
    I love it when it's so simple to make and yet it looks so great when it's done :)

  14. StorybookWoods10:48 AM

    I do not crochet but it is soo pretty, I should make myself learn xoxo Clarice

  15. DAdesign3:13 PM

    Thank you!

  16. Yes, I do love the soft feel of that organic cotton. And...I owe you an email reply! Will try to get back on that soon :)

  17. Thank you Linda! I agree, why not make the job as pleasant as possible :)

  18. Thanks Jody! I'm so glad you visited--I must get over your way and see what you've been up to. Hope your weekend is warm!

  19. Thank you Sheryl!

  20. Hope you like the cotton thread---I think it will do a great job.

  21. You're welcome Connie--thanks for visiting!

  22. Thanks Claire. I hope you're all doing well and having a warmer Spring than we are here.

  23. Thanks Clarice! I found crochet easier to learn than knitting--and it's so quick!

  24. Vickie3:14 PM

    I don't know how anybody could not love to receive a gift as lovely as a crocheted dishrag! I just love them!!!

  25. Just me again. I'm needing some new dishrags, and I find that your shop is almost out! I'll be watching to see when you re-stock with white/blue and white/yellow. You must be one busy lady with all your wonderful handwork you do!!!

  26. Thanks Vickie! I hope to have more dishcloths in the shop soon :)

  27. Cyndifouquette6:57 AM

    Love the new dishcloth thanks for sharing the pattern

  28. Thank you Cyndi, and you're welcome.

  29. Thank you Cyndi, and you're welcome.

  30. Thanks - you got me crocheting again after about years. At 70 my old fingers still got it. I forgot how fun and relaxing it is even better than FB or Pinterest :)

  31. This is so pretty! I can't wait to try it. I love to crochet, too. :)


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